EXCLUSIVE: Adamari Lopez Talks 'Thriving' & Being a Cancer Survivor

Omar Cruz

After the success of her book Thriving last year, Adamari Lopez has now released an English-language version. The book details Adamari’s battle with breast cancer and how she faced that challenge and overcame it. The 42-year-old morning show host told us she extended the book to the English market because there was such an overwhelming response to it and a demand to have it available for those who only speak or read English. We’re happy that she did, because now new readers can identify with her story. This version of the book also includes bonus material following the tragic passing of her mother.


Recently we spoke to Adamari about the touching additions to her book, how she’s maintained her strength over the years, and her plans for the future. Read the full interview below:


Tell us, what inspired your transition into the English market?

When I first published the book, most people asked me why I didn't do it in English for the people who read more or speak in English more than Spanish. By that time I didn’t know if it was a good idea, I didn’t know how the public was going to react to the book. We focused on it in Spanish since it’s my first language and it was easy for me to communicate what I wanted to say to the public. Once the book was out and people read it and liked it, they wanted to give it to someone who only spoke English, so we changed our minds and we started to make an English version. At that time, my mom passed away and a few things happened in my life, so we decided to do it in English. I wrote the first part of the book in memory to my mom -- how she passed away and where I was at the time.


The book tells your story as a survivor. What have you pulled your strength from over the years?

I think that over the years, not only for the cancer that I survived, but everything I’ve gone through in my life, I think my strength comes from my faith in God.  And from my family. Those are the two important bases I have to keep strong, to keep me going. My motivation in life is my faith in God and my family.


Do you have any advice that didn't make it into Thriving that you would give to others in a similar situation?

In the book, I tell my story since I was a little kid to who I was and where to how I realized I had cancer and survived that situation to how I overcame my illness. Then I was in love and I was married and got divorced. I speak about everything in the book! That is the whole book. I didn’t have anyone to tell me anything. It’s my story. It’s the story of my life as a survivor and as a human being.


The topic of unfaithfulness is addressed in your book. Would you say that your strength is one of the ways you overcame that?

Yes. When I realized I had cancer, I was in love with this man. He was a singer, a musician...someone who was very well known in the Latin music world. We were together five years before we were married. Then I realized I had cancer. We were engaged in December and February we found out I had cancer. It was a hard thing for the both of us. We were together and we were strong during the entire process. He was an important part of my recovery and my strength when I passed through the cancer. When I was in good health, then we married and started having a life together as a married couple. I went to Mexico -- because I was popular there -- to do a soap opera. And then everything started falling apart. I think by that time it was the hardest thing that I went through. He was my strength during my illness, then not to have him, that was hard. In the book I said that he was so important to me. Everything that I did, I did it because he was my center. It was the faith, it was my family, but it was also the love that he had for me that kept me strong. Losing him was a hard part to realize. And all the things that came with that separation.