Adam Rodriguez Exclusive Interview Outtakes

Adam Rodriguez is taking off – and taking it all off – in the new movie Magic Mike, where he plays an exotic dancer. Read these juicy interview outtakes, then nab the June/July Hot Guys issue, out on newsstands May 15th.

1. Hot Guys: Adam Rodriguez 1

On learning to strip:

“Fortunately I’m Latin and I’m born with a little bit of rhythm by default. It’s in the DNA. I have that going for me, but I’ve never been considered one of the world’s greatest dancers. I just got into the character. When it came time to do it, the adrenaline just got you pumped and the girls in the crowd started screaming [and] going crazy. And at the end of the day, I think it turned out all right.”

2. Hot Guys: Adam Rodriguez 2

On dancing in front of a crew and camera:

“The thought of doing it in front of all these people was terrifying. [But] the minute it starts, it’s showtime, just like anything else. It’s like getting butterflies before you get on stage to do a play. You just go into work mode and you do it. It’s almost like an out of body experience. When it’s over, I’m like, 'what the hell did I just do?'”

3. Hot Guys: Adam Rodriguez 3

On Channing Tatum:

“Chan’s going to show the world a bunch of moves. That guy’s a great dancer. He gave us a whole bunch of stories about his days stripping. Everybody would come to watch Chan do his routines because he definitely had the most sophisticated dance numbers in the movie.”

4. Hot Guys: Adam Rodriguez 4

On stripping injuries:

“I messed up my shoulder. I actually hurt my back one day, then I hurt my shoulder. But you gotta tough it out! No big deal. The show must go on.”

5. Hot Guys: Adam Rodriguez 5

On showing skin:

“I showed as much skin as you can possibly show in an R-rated movie.”

6. Hot Guys: Adam Rodriguez 6

On thongs and staying in character:

“The idea of wearing a thong was terrifying. I was like, ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m going to be wearing a thong.’ The other guys all felt the same way, we were all like, ‘This is crazy. What the hell are we doing?’ But it’s the sort of thing that bonds you and you have a laugh about it. It actually just makes the whole thing fun because you know it’s uncomfortable for everybody.”

7. Hot Guys: Adam Rodriguez 7

On the movie:

“We’re all sort of part of this family of guys that have been dancing together at this club for a long time. Everybody’s got a dream of doing something else. Everybody’s got a dream of being somewhere else. They’re stuck in this perpetual cycle of dancing and making a living this way. This is the most prepared I’ve ever had to get for something physically. And I just hope that the great time we had making the movie comes across on camera because if it does, I feel like people will just walk out of there feeling like they had a great time.”