Adam Carolla Grills Gavin Newsom: "I Want to Know Why [Blacks and Latinos] Are Struggling"

Radio personality Adam Carolla recently grilled California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom on topics related to socioeconomic inequality in the U.S. The interview led to a pretty heated conversation about minorities being greatly affected by poverty and underemployment.

Newsom was promoting his new book, Citizenville: How to Take the Town Square Digital and Reinvent Government, and had a biased view on Latinos and African Americans in particular, which dramatically changed the direction of the discussion.

“Think about it, Adam," said Newsom. "Half of African Americans in the state of California, and roughly half of Latino families, have no access to a checking account or an ATM.” Carolla challenged his affirmation, "What's wrong with them. I want to know why those two groups don't have access. Are they flawed?”

As the interview progressed, Carolla continued pressing the issue. "I want to know why [Blacks and Latinos] are struggling. Do Asians have this problem? Why do so many [Blacks and Latinos]?"

Newsom responded, "Why are [these problems] concentrated in the African American community? Look at the history. It's naïve to suggest that those things don't matter."

As Carolla kept pressing on, Newsom eventually expressed, “I think it’s a much more complex issue.”

Watch the segment below and let us know what you think!