Introducing: Daniela Bobadilla

Daniela Bobadilla is in danger. The blossoming Mexican and Spanish actress (last seen on NBC’s cancelled Awake) is co-starring with the ill-mannered, network exec-bashing Charlie Sheen in FX’s Anger Management. Yet, to hear Bobadilla tell it, Sheen is as vicious as a 10-pound Yorkie. “He is just the most amazing, generous most caring person,” she says about the “tiger-blooded” Sheen. Perhaps she’s right. We’ll see on June 28th when Anger premieres. In the meantime, the only danger Bobadilla might encounter is the flashes of overwhelming paparazzi, as this young Latina is on the rise.

Sorry to hear about Awake being cancelled. Tell us about your experience on the show.

"Awake was just the most beautiful show. For most of the shooting, we didn’t know if they were going to air. You never knew. We were just trying to make it the best it could. I really wish that people gave it a chance, it's just heating up and it's about to get crazy -- beyond crazy!"

How did you get involved with FX’s Anger Management?

"I actually worked with the casting director before, [and he] told me that he had an exciting project coming up. He brought me in to read [and] it was brilliantly written. As soon as I read it, I was on the floor laughing so hard. I wanted to laugh in the middle of takes."

Tell us about your role in Anger Management.

"I want to be edgier but also spicy, just be deliciously spicy. We bring up controversial issues, but don’t necessarily have an opinion on them. Anyone can watch it. I’ve actually been blessed with [acting in] dramas for the past 2 years. I haven’t done much comedy and if I did, it was for Nickelodeon and that’s a completely different branch. This is actually an entirely different branch; it’s a complete learning curve. It’s been really fun, actually my character had a different name and it was actually Charlie’s idea, to change one of the character's names into one of his daughter's names in real life -- Sam."

How was it working with Charlie Sheen?

"It was the [first] time I met Charlie. We hit it off right away. Right before we even auditioned together, he’s like, 'Hey I just want to get to know you before so that it wouldn’t be weird. Is there anything I can do to help you out?' And I was just so blown away. He always tells me, 'hey good job,' 'great take.' He’s actually really sweet, My birthday was on set and they got me some cute little cupcakes. Little things like that shows that he cares. I know that he’s like the busiest person ever, [but] he’s so sensible."

Watch Daniela Bobadilla portray Charlie Sheen’s daughter in FX’s Anger Management on June 28th.