20 Ab-tastic Latino Hotties!

Don’t you love men with abs? There’s no doubt that hardened abdominal muscles are a huge turn-on, which is why we’ve compiled a gallery of 20 of our fave Latino celebs who are, simply, ab-tastic.

Everyone from our June/July 2013 cover star William Levy to the gorgeous Victor Rasuk – we want you to enjoy these scenic views as much as we are.

1. Abs: William Levy

William Levy

Delicioso is how we can best describe our June/July 2013 cover star William Levy. The gorgeous cubano’s abs are actually solid rock – and that face. Wow…

2. Abs: Aaron Diaz

Aarón Díaz

We are convinced; the 31-year-old Aarón Díaz totally wants to devour us in our dreams. He says it all in his face…. we almost forgot to comment on his abs. Nice work.

3. Abs: Adam Rodriguez

Adam Rodríguez

This guy undoubtedly stole Channing Tatum’s shine in the male-stripper (heaven) film Magic Mike. And by the look of those tight, chiseled abs, we can see why.

4. Abs: Wilmer Valderrama

Wilmer Valderrama

We can see that the Venezuelan/Colombian actor is working hard on his abs, and it’s definitely showing. Thanks for the great pic, Wilmer.

5. Abs: Alex Meraz

Alex Meraz

Latina readers, have you met the sexiest Twilight werewolf there is (with the sexiest abs)? That’s Alex Meraz for you.

6. Abs: Victor Rasuk

Victor Rasuk

We love this photo from a much younger Victor Rasuk, from his beloved 2002 indie film Raising Victor Vargas. We wonder how his abs are today, at 29 years old. Victor, if you’re reading this, send us a pic ASAP.

7. Abs: Amaury Nolasco

Amaury Nolasco

The 42-year-old Boricua actor Amaury Nolasco is all smiles here. Is it because he knows he has one of the best set of abs in all of Hollywood? Probably.

8. Abs: Tristan Wilds

Tristan Wilds

It’s hard to believe that the Dominican actor Tristan Wilds was once unpopular with the ladies… this photo says otherwise.

9. Abs: Andrew Keegan

Andrew Keegan

The 10 Things I Hate About You star looks like he’s been doing well at the gym. We give him an A.

10. Abs: Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte

The Cuban-American Olympic champ (and star of E!’s What Would Ryan Lochte Do?) swims more than most fish in the sea, so of course his abs (and entire body) look the way they do. 

11. Abs: Carlos Bocanegra

Carlos Bocanegra

We think we could probably wash our clothes with the soccer pro’s abs. * Rummaging through our laundry basket now *

12. Abs: Ryan Guzman

Ryan Guzman

The Mexican-American star of Step Up Revolution (and his glorious abs) makes us want to step it up in the gym. We’re in love.

13. Abs: Eddie Cibrian

Eddie Cibrian

We want to thank whoever took this photo of Eddie Cibrian. A view of the Cuban-American actor revealing his phenomenal abdominal muscles, and he’s in a towel? Thank you!!!

14. Abs: Residente


Calle 13’s René Pérez Joglar almost always takes his shirt off during the beloved group’s concerts, which is great for us because who wouldn’t want to see the Boricua’s sexy stomach? We wait in anticipation for that.

15. Abs: Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez

We gotta give it up to Mario Lopez. The world knows he watches his food like a hawk and is a regular at the gym. And those abs are definitely proof of the EXTRA host’s hard work. 

16. Abs: Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal

The sexiest part of this black-and-white photo of the Spanish tennis pro player (besides his seductive gaze and strong legs) is the 26-year-old’s abs. Talk about a ripple effect.

17. Abs: Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez

Looks like football cutie Mark Sanchez is about to do some seductive crunches. We like that – keep it tight boo!

18. Abs: Oscar de la Hoya

Oscar De La Hoya

The handsome Mexican-American boxing legend is known as “The Golden Boy,” but we think the 40-year-old should really be called “The Golden Boy With The Golden Abs.” Thoughts on our suggestion?

19. Abs: Michael Trevino

Michael Trevino

The Mexican-American Vampire Diaries star is the definition of ab-tastic in this photo. In short, incredibly tempting.

20. Abs: Nicholas Gonzalez

Nicholas Gonzalez

Go right ahead, Mr. Gonzalez. Keep hosing down plants from this scene in The OC. And we will keep on admiring you.