10 Things J.Lo Did Before Anyone Else!

Today, HollywoodReporter.com ran a piece called,"The J.Lo Effect: $15 Million Becoming the New Standard As Reality Salaries Soar." The article points out how American Idol producers unintentionally set off a gold rush last year when they agreed to pay Jennifer Lopez $12 million to replace judge Simon Cowell for the show's 10th season.

Since J.Lo scored that big payday, other A-list stars have demanded big-time paydays, including fellow Latina Christina Aguilera ($10 million for The Voice) and Howard Stern ($15 million to join the new season of America's Got Talent). But J.Lo, who is reportedly making a whopping $20 million for her second season with Idol, was the one who started the trend.

Not that we're surprised! Check out 9 other things J.Lo did...before anyone else!

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