7 Latino Baseball Players With Homerun Salaries

MLB Opening Day is this week and we're eager to celebrate the start of the season! Though the exact date varies (is it April 5? April 6? maybe tonight? who knows?!), most teams are playing their first game sometime this week. Specifics aside, we are excited to see our favorite Latino baseball players step onto the field.

For some of them, there's a lot at stake as they feel the pressure to show their team they're worth it. In some cases, that "worth it" refers to several millions of dollars! Here's a look at some of the highest-earning Latino baseball players, and a couple of honorable mentions.

Additional reporting by Zolanlly Gutierrez

1. MLB: Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez - New York Yankees

Alex Rodriguez is the highest paid player in all of MLB right now. He signed a 10-year, $275 million contract with the Yankees back in 2007 and he's making $30 million this year. When you add endorsements, he's at $32 million in 2012. Not too shabby!

2. MLB: Johan Santana

Johan Santana - New York Mets

The Venezuelan pitcher inked a 6-year deal worth $137.5 million with the Mets in 2008, helping to make him the #5 highest-paid MLB player in 2012. Though an injury made him miss last season, he's pitching in tomorrow's series opener.

3. MLB: Adrian Gonzalez

Adrian Gonzalez - Boston Red Sox

Adrian Gonzalez currently has a 7-year, $154 million contract with the Red Sox through 2018. He didn't see much of that money last year, but he's set to make $21 million in 2012.

4. MLB: Miguel Cabrera

Miguel Cabrera - Detroit Tigers

Miguel Cabrera is currently in the middle of his 8-year contract with the Tigers, worth $152.3 million, making $21 million in 2012. He started his career with the Florida Marlins when he signed as an amateur free agent in 1999. He nabbed his current contract after helping the Marlins win their 2003 World Series title.

5. MLB: Alfonso Soriano

Alfonso Soriano - Chicago Cubs

Alfonso Soriano has come a long way in his 10 years playing baseball. He's currently in the last few years of his 8-year, $136 million contract with the Cubs and is set to make $19 million in 2012.

6. MLB: Albert Pujols

Albert Pujols - Los Angeles Angels

Three-time National League MVP Albert Pujols signed a 10-year, $254 million contract last year with the Angels. By joining the Angels, Pujols left behind the St. Louis Cardinals, a team he'd played with for 10 seasons. While his lucrative contract made headlines, the deal is back-loaded and he'll only earn $12 million in 2012.

7. MLB: Jose Reyes

Jose Reyes - Florida Marlins

Similar to Pujols, Jose Reyes' 6-year, $106 million contract with the Florida Marlins in December got a lot of buzz, but he's only seeing $10 million of it in 2012. That said, Reyes should feel special for snagging the biggest-ever Marlins contract.

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