7 Latinas Share Their Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween!

Most of us are at work right now, but after work, a few of us will slip out of our work clothes and into a superhero costume, or transform into a “devilish” angel, or dress as a pirate... you get the idea. 

Last week, we asked Latina readers on both our Facebook and Twitter pages what costumes they were donning this year. They answered - one of them even posting a glimpse of her costume on our Facebook page (thanks Monica!).

Here’s what seven Latinas had to say:

Enida Castro: Glueing smartie pants all over myself, and go as a smarty-pants lol.

Teresa Valdivia: Princess Fiona from Shrek.

Maricela J. Becerra: I'm going to be Dorothy and my little boy is going to be Scarecrow!! His daddy is working that night; otherwise he would be our Tin Man! LOL.

Susana Bonita: Supergirl!

Monica Vega Latona: I'm going as Chapulin Colorado! I'll post a picture on Latina Magazine's FB page. Maybe I'll win a prize?

Karina Ramirez: I really wanna go as "Betty Boop" (my favorite) but have no idea where I can get a wig or a costume like that... any suggestions??

@latinfire1: As Flash Girl.