The 65 Sexiest Puerto Ricans in Hollywood!

Hot bodies, piercing eyes, and a hint of surprise, that’s what Puerto Ricans are made of! If you’re Puerto Rican you must be dying to know what sexy actors, models, singers, and athletes you share your roots with. Lust with us, you know you want to.

Are you proud to be Puerto Rican?! Ok, ok, no need to shout, just read on to discover which Puerto Ricans get us all hot and bothered! (Then tell us: Who did we miss?)


Roselyn Sánchez

It comes as no surprise that Roselyn Sánchez is no stranger to these types of lists. The actress and model won Miss Puerto Rico in 1993, Miss American Petite in 1994, and has since appeared on Maxim and FHM’s sexiest lists. Cold shower anyone?  


La La Vazquez Anthony

It’s a surprise La La Vazquez Anthony’s husband Carmelo Anthony allows this disc jockey and TV personality to attend any of his Knicks games, we’d be too distracted by her sexiness in the stands to pay attention to the game! 


Dayanara Torres

Ice blue eyes and jet black hair make one stunning combination on Puerto Rican Dayanara Torres. In 1993 the actress, singer, and model won the Miss Universe competition.


Naya Rivera

When presented with a woman as jaw droppingly gorgeous as 26-year-old actress Naya Rivera, we can’t help but feel inadequate in comparison. It’s okay though, we’re willing to put our jealousy aside and thank the beauty gods each week when we watch her sing and dance on Glee.


Wilson Cruz

Wilson Cruz is all grown up and still just as perfect as when he played larger than life Rickie Vasquez on the short lived mid-90s cult classic My So-Called Life. Just like his openly gay character on the show stood as a role model for others dealing with similar issues, today the actor continues to be an advocate for LGBT youth. 


Adrienne Bailon

Singer and actress Adrienne Bailon has been attracting fans since her Cheetah Girls days with her fun sense of style, charismatic personality, and, you guessed it, sexiness! Once famous for her infamous relationship with Rob Kardashian, Bailon has stepped out of that shadow and is doing things her way these days with her own show Empire Girls


Melonie Diaz

Plump lipped Puerto Rican Melonie Diaz kicks off our sexiest list with a bang! The 28-year-old actress has starred in movies like 2008’s Be Kind Rewind and last year’s Supporting Characters.   


Jennifer Lopez

What’s sexier than a strong Puerto Rican woman who does it all while looking like a million bucks? In our minds, nothing! Jennifer Lopez brings her Midas touch and effortless beauty to everything she does whether it’s singing, dancing, acting, designing, or producing. Movie goers can bear witness to her appeal in her newest movie Parker in theaters now!



Mark Indelicato

Ultra-stylish Ugly Betty star Mark Indelicato is enjoying life as an 18-year-old collegiate cutie! Similar to his fashionably fabulous character Justin Suarez on the hit show, the NYU newbie has been focusing on fashion with his blog The Fashion Gangster. On top of it all, Indelicato continues to act!   



Marc Anthony

Anyone can feel Marc Anthony’s sex appeal come through in his soulful salsa music. Picture your hips dancing with this suave two-time Grammy winning singer’s hips, and you’ll understand just what we mean!



Lymari Nadal

Lymari Nadal’s long, luscious brunette locks and warm smile are just two of the many reasons we’re attracted to this actress. Nadal has starred in American Gangster and America


Ana Ortiz

Despite the fact that her most famous role to date was on ABC’s Ugly Betty, Ana Ortiz is anything but ugly! The Puerto Rican actress charmed fans of the show with her vivacious personality and downright stunning looks.


Freddie Prinze Jr

When actor Freddie Prinze Jr. surged onto the movie scene in the late 90s teenage girls fell head over heels for the part-Puerto Rican cutie. He starred in teen movies like She’s All That, Boys and Girls, and Summer Catch – we’re guessing he’s also starred in more than a few dreams! 


Rosie Pérez

A sweet face and rockin’ body make for a nearly unbeatable combination! Actress, dancer, and choreographer Rosie Pérez continues to keep men on their toes at 48-years-old. She began her career on Soul Train, choreographed routines on In Living Color, and has starred in films like Fearless and Perdita Durango.


Michelle Rodriguez

Where does an actress who can box, race cars, surf massive waves, and look incredibly sexy doing it belong? On our sexiest list of course! Michelle Rodriguez plays women who aren’t afraid to get messy, and that’s hot. 


Rosario Dawson

Anyone lucky enough to gaze into Rosario Dawson’s beautiful brown eyes is welcomed into a world of enchantment. The stunning actress began her career in 1995 in the controversial film Kids, and she hasn’t stopped since! This upcoming year promises to be a big one for Dawson with movies like Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and Chavez opening in theaters.



Evelyn Lozada

Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada has bangin’ body and knows how work it! The ex-wife of Chad Johnson (and a contributor!) recently showed off her drool-worthy physique for PETA’s “I’d Rather Go Naked than Wear Fur” campaign.


Adamari López

Currently a host of Telemundo morning show Un Nuevo Día, Adamari López is a sight no one minds waking up to! Her fresh face and perfect smile easily win over even the grumpiest viewer.


Ricky Martin

Intense eyes, perfect hair, sexy smile, and swoon worthy vocals, what aspect of Ricky Martin doesn’t belong on this list?! This sexy Puerto Rican has been singing and dancing his way into our hearts for years with dozens of pop hits, hot acting roles, and even stints on Broadway! 


Talisa Soto

Model and actress Talisa Soto is hot enough to be on the covers some of the biggest magazines in the world – and she has been! Soto turned beauty into business landing covers of American and British Vogue, British Elle, Mademoiselle, Self, and Glamour magazines.  


Amaury Nolasco

Amaury Nolasco’s muscles seem to bust out of any shirt he wears! Best known for his role as Fernando Sucre in Prison Break, his many adoring fans can find this hottie in this year’s movie A Good Day to Die Hard.


Victoria Justice

With past roles on shows like Zoey 101 and iCarly and her present lead role in Nickelodeon’s Victorious, some may have overlooked the fact that 19-year-old Victoria Justice is one gorgeous young woman. If her looks only get better with age she’ll soon be too hot to handle! 


Zoe Saldana

Though we’re sure her acting talent is the chief reason Zoe Saldana continues to win role after role, we also guess the actress’ sexy bedroom eyes don’t hurt! Saldana has starred in films like Star Trek, Avatar, and Colombiana, and 2013 appears to be a big year for the actress with parts in several upcoming films. 


April Lee Hernández

Puerto Rican actress April Lee Hernández’s flawless skin and friendly smile only add to her appeal. She’s had parts in several television shows and in 2007’s Freedom Writers



Do you have the desire to run your fingers through Latin pop singer and actor Chayanne’s dark locks? We do! This drop dead sexy man has released over 21 solo albums.


Daddy Yankee

Puerto Rican singer Daddy Yankee makes crushing on him far too easy! Ladies everywhere can’t help but be charmed by his combination of reggaeton sound and sexy features.


Daniella Alonso

Daniella Alonso’s long, dark locks, piercing eyes, petite nose, and high cheek bones combine to make one hot chica. The Puerto Rican beauty had roles on One Tree Hill and Covert Affairs, and she currently stars as Nora Clayton in Revolution.


Esai Morales

The manly sex appeal of 50-year-old Esai Morales certainly hasn’t faded with age, in fact, we’d argue he’s only gotten hotter! The actor has starred in movies like La Bamba and shows like NYPD Blue.


Susie Castillo

Susie Castillo’s wide smile and rosy cheeks make her irresistible, which proved true when the former beauty queen won the Miss USA title in 2003.  Castillo went on to be a TRL VJ and Neutrogena spokeswoman.


Raquel Castro

At 18-years-old Raquel Castro is the youngest looker on our list, but a lesser age doesn’t make her any less attractive! Blessed with a bubbly persona the actress and singer is best known for her role in the film Jersey Girl playing the daughter of fellow sexy Puerto Rican Jennifer Lopez. In 2011 she showcased her vocal talent as a member of Team Christina on The Voice.


Kimberly Guilfoyle

Former Victoria’s Secret Model Kimberly Guilfoyle has an amazing body and attention grabbing eyes that help rate her on our list. She’s not just beauty but brains as well, and anyone who can’t get enough of this vixen can catch her as one of the rotating co-hosts on Fox NewsThe Five.  


Denise Quiñones

Puerto Rican beauty Denise Quiñones is the full package, and she has a Miss Universe crown to prove it! Since passing on her crown, the aspiring actress has been working to bring her good looks to the big screen.


Alanna Ubach

Actress Alanna Uboch’s comedic flair has had us rolling in theaters, and anyone who can incite laughter like her is super sexy, but did we mention she is incredibly attractive too? Talk about a double whammy! Ubach has had roles in films like Legally Blonde and Meet the Fockers.


Lisa Vidal

A voluptuous body, petite nose, and charming smile are three clear reasons why actress Lisa Vidal belongs on this list. Vidal can boast a plethora of movie roles and parts on shows like Southland and The Event.


Freddy Rodriguez

Freddy Rodriguez’s smirk of a smile makes us wonder what he’s up to, and what’s more alluring than a mysterious man? While the actor has played a wide variety of roles to date, his most famous might be the character Hector Federico “Rico” Diaz on HBO’s Six Feet Under.


Eva LaRue

Don’t be fooled by her innocent smile, Eva LaRue knows how to turn on the sexy! The actress is most recognized for her roles on All My Children and CSI: Miami.


Reagan Gomez-Preston

Reagan Gomez-Preston has a luminescent smile that spreads to her eyes and encapsulates anyone in its direct line of fire. The actress currently lends her voice to Roberta Tubbs on The Cleveland Show.


Meagan Good

Anyone looking at a photo of Meagan Good must be feeling the same way her name sounds, good – no, make that great! The actress’ kissable lips and penetrating eyes are just two of the many reasons she has a spot on our sexiest list. Good’s most recent role has been in NBC’s newest TV drama Deception.


Lana Parrilla

Actress Lana Parrilla might play the evil queen on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, but with looks like hers we wouldn’t hesitate welcoming her into our castle any day of the week. Sure, that may be irresponsible, but can you really blame us?


Lauren Vélez

Actress Lauren Vélez has an air of radiance about her that creates an instantaneous attraction, and of course she’s crazy smokin’ hot! The Puerto Rican has had a number of successful television shows like New York Undercover, Oz, Ugly Betty, and most recently Dexter.


Ramón Rodríguez

Before you check out Puerto Rican Ramón Rodríguez it’s probably best to sit down. Yes, the actor is that hot. Rodríguez is probably best known for his roles on The Wire and Day Break.


Scotty McCreery

The only part-Puerto Rican country singer on this list, singer Scotty McCreery will appeal to those in the mood for some down home charm. The 19-year-old won season 10 of American Idol and has already released two albums.


Lynda Lopez

The lovely Lynda Lopez certainly fits the bill to be recognized on our list as she is one sexy Puerto Rican! She is an Emmy Award-winning journalist and Jennifer Lopez’s youngest sister.


Howie Dorough

Some may have chosen Nick or Brian as their Backstreet Boy of choice, but we’ve always had a soft spot for sexy BSB member Howie Dorough!


Giselle Blondet

Sexy siren Giselle Blondet doesn’t look a day over 30, which is amazing considering she is 49-years-old. Apparently she’s discovered some secret elixir because she doesn’t age! The Puerto Rican actress and television personality has played a variety of roles throughout her career.


Natalie Morales

Broadcast Journalist Natalie Morales is incredibly gorgeous from her faultless facial features to her athletically toned boy, and do we even need to mention her intellect and engaging personality? This nearly perfect Puerto Rican is currently an anchor at the Today show and also appears on Rock Center with Brian Williams, Dateline, and NBC Nightly News.


Camille Guaty

Hang onto your seats gentlemen, because actress Camille Guaty is next up on our list of sexiest Puerto Ricans. Forget about the rest of her (though we’d prefer not to), Guaty’s dimples alone are enough to draw a crowd! She’s best known for her role as Daisy on the Disney Channel Original movie Gotta Kick It Up!


Nina Sky

Yes guys we have it here for you, every man’s dream: twins. With the Puerto Rican musical duo Nina Sky comprised of Nicole and Natalie Albino, you get two for the price of one! Together the sisters have three albums.


David Blaine

There’s something about David Blaine that’s simply magical. No really, this illusionist and endurance artist has been doing the unthinkable breaking and setting several world records along the way, and looking hot while doing it!


Aimee Garcia

Don’t let her fresh face and sweet smile fool you, actress Aimee Garcia is one sexy woman! She’s best known for her roles on the sitcom George Lopez and Showtime’s successful drama Dexter.


Adam Rodriguez

Part-Puerto Rican Adam Rodriguez’s chiseled jaw and strong arms land him on our list! The actor has played a variety of roles including a thong wearing, drool worthy stripper in 2012’s Magic Mike.


Aubrey Plaza

If comedians are supposed to be a bit awkward looking actress and comedian Aubrey Plaza would be out of luck, because she is decidedly sexy. The part-Puerto Rican shows audience just how hilarious she can be as April Ludgate on Parks and Recreation.


Carmelo Anthony

Surely New York Knick Carmelo Anthony didn’t think we’d include his wife and forget to include this baller on our list! The tattooed small forward has muscles in his arms and fire in his eyes, he sounds like our kind of man.


Victor Cruz

Maybe it’s all of the adrenaline, but there’s just something about athletes that gets our hearts racing. Combine a New York Giants NFL athlete with a suave Latin man and you get sexy end zone salsa dancer Victor Cruz


Joan Smalls

WOW. That’s right, for Puerto Rican fashion model Joan Smalls “wow” is enough. This stunner has high cheekbones and piercing eyes that any woman would kill for. Smalls has been n Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, and W Magazine just to name a few, and she’s walked in the past several Victoria’s Secret fashion shows.


Bruno Mars

We’d stay locked out of heaven if it meant a lifetime with classically sexy singer Bruno Mars. The 27-year-old already has two studio albums to his name, not to mention a Grammy.


Lin-Manuel Miranda

Tony Award winning composer, rapper, and lyricist Lin-Manuel Miranda hits all of the right notes for us! This hottie is best known for the Broadway musical that he wrote and starred in, In the Heights.



If the sight of R&B and neo-soul musician doesn’t do it for you (though let’s be honest, it should), just wait until Maxwell opens his mouth. He currently has four albums to his name with another due out sometime this year.


Rita Moreno

Sure, she may be 81-years-old now, but this Hollywood phenom was one attractive woman, and she hasn’t lost her touch! Rita Moreno is one of the few performers, and the only Hispanic, to have achieved the coveted EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony wins).


Rick Gonzalez

Actor Rick Gonzalez is one good looking piece of man candy! The part-Puerto Rican is probably best known for his role in the movie Coach Carter and as Ben Gonzalez in the CW’s Reaper.


Jimmy Smits

Actor Jimmy Smits is a real man’s man, which of course only makes him that much hotter to the ladies! Some of Smits’ most memorable roles have been on L.A. Law, NYPD Blue, and The West Wing. Last year Smits joined the cast of Sons of Anarchy.


Kirk Acevedo

Kirk Acevedo is the kind of man women mean when they say they’re looking for someone tall, dark, and handsome. The actor has accomplished a variety of different roles on a multitude of incredible shows like Oz, Band of Brothers, and Fringe as well as movies such as The Thin Red Line.


Benicio Del Toro

Benicio Del Toro’s bad boy looks only make him that much more enticing to females everywhere. The award winning Puerto Rican actor and producer has had an incredibly successful career thus far, and the streak he’s on continues to stay hot, just like him!


Residente Calle 13

Residente is so hot he sizzles! This crazy sexy man is the lead singer and composer of the group Calle 13 which he formed along with his two siblings.


Visitante Calle 13

A second member of Calle 13, Visitante, finds himself on this list. Which brother do you think as hotter? All we have to say is their parents must be proud of themselves for creating two incredibly sexy, and talented, men for us to feast our eyes and ears on!