6 Latinos Who Have Fought Gay Rumors

Daddy Yankee was buzzing on Twitter yesterday after rumors surrounding his sexuality resurfaced – and it isn’t the first time. After a fake photo of two men (one of who some say looked a lot like El Cangri) kissing made its rounds on social media, the Boricua reggaeton star’s rep issued out an official release blaming “online blogs” and “social media” for the spread of false news reports.

Daddy Yankee isn’t the first Latin celeb surrounded by rumors questioning his sexuality. Below is a list of others:

1. 6 Latinos Who Have Fought Gay Rumors: Daddy Yankee

Daddy Yankee

El Cangri has addressed gay rumors before. It was once rumored that the 36-year-old artist “came out” during a press conference, and another whisper circulated that he was spotted in a gay establishment. Last month, Daddy Yankee took to Twitter to let his fans know, “Remember that the Internet is where lies become truth and the truth is a myth.”

2. 6 Latinos Who Have Fought Gay Rumors: David Archuleta

David Archuleta

Back in 2010, the American Idol alum was spotted at a gay club in New York City and began tweeting to clear up any misunderstanding as soon as word hit the web. The singer said he was there to watch his friend perform. “Can get crazy quick. NO worries all, I wouldn't get into things like that intentionally haha,” he tweeted. “Hope you guys have a good Sunday!”

3. 6 Latinos Who Have Fought Gay Rumors: Eduardo Verastegui

Eduardo Verastegui

Once upon a time, rumors (and a story by tabloid TV y Novelas) flew like sharp darts at Mexican actor Eduardo Verastegui and Puerto Rican superstar Ricky Martin – word on the streets said that both men had a romantic something or another at one point. Verastegui denied the rumors, and also made headlines for his participation in Spanish-language commercials in support of California’s Prop 8 (which was in the air at the time). 

4. 6 Latinos Who Have Fought Gay Rumors: Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez

There has always been whispers about whether or not Puerto Rican/Dominican actress Michelle Rodriguez is lesbian or not. But back in 2011, the kickass actress basically summed it up to Rumor Fix in one short sentence… “Michy likes sausage.” 

5. 6 Latinos Who Have Fought Gay Rumors: Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin

We all know what happened here. For years, the beloved singer’s sexuality was under much speculation – you know, during that time he shook his bon-bon while living la vida loca. The rumors ended when Martin proudly came out on his website in 2010. “I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am,” he ended his message, which was written in both English and Spanish for his fans.

6. 6 Latinos Who Have Fought Gay Rumors: Romeo Santos

Romeo Santos

The dimple-faced former Aventura frontman (and self-proclaimed "King of Kings") has denied gay rumors for years. In a 2011 appearance on Don Francisco Presenta, Santos took the opportunity to clear up the latest wave of speculation. He said that he doesn’t want others to think he feels being gay is something negative—but he isn’t. “Not even bisexual—neither homosexual or bisexual,” Santos told Don Francisco.