6 Fun Facts About Gerard Pique

Gerard Pique is hot. CORRECTION: He is REALLY hot!

But what are some other fun facts about Shakira's boyfriend? With Shaki and Pique's son being born today, we decided to take a look at six things you may not know about the man who landed one of the world's most beautiful and philanthropic women!

1. Gerard Pique Facts 1

Besides being all-around pretty, Gerard plays centerback for FC Barcelona.

2. Gerard Pique Facts 2

Gerard is 6'4, meaning he's OVER a foot taller than Shakira at 5'2. That's either going to be one tall (or short!) baby.

3. Gerard Pique Facts 3

Gerard is also 10 years YOUNGER than Shakira. We guess that makes her a cougar?

4. Gerard Pique Facts 4

Gerard appeared in Shakira's music video for "Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)", which is very fitting because the song celebrated the World Cup coming to South Africa.

5. Gerard Pique Facts 5

Shakira's beau was born the same day as her (2/2); even stranger, their firstborn was born on 1/22! Coincidence? We think not…

6. Gerard Pique Facts 6

Gerard was childhood friends and remains best friends with another popular soccer player, Cesc Fabregas – they even play on the same team!