50 Celebrities Hacked, including Selena Gomez and Christina Aguilera

Here's yet another reason why celebrities shouldn't keep compromising pics of themselves…computer hackers. Selena Gomez, Christina Aguilera and Jessica Alba are among the 50 female celebrities believed to have been targeted by a group of hackers searching for nude pictures on these A-list stars' computers, email accounts and phones, according to TMZ.

Selena Gomez told Latina.com yesterday that she has lost access to important information – like Prince Royce’s email – because her email account was hacked.

But the extent of the damage for these celebrities is yet to be determined. The FBI is now involved in the investigation that is believed to be motivated not by money but the thrill of the chase. According to Fox News, hackers can access your personal computer data and accounts in two ways: by figuring out account passwords and by planting malicious computer programs onto a computer in order to retrieve personal information.

These celebrities may be asked to testify in court, once the hackers have been pinned down, to authenticate any photos of themselves, according to entertainment attorney David E. Wohl, who spoke to Fox News.

To protect your own computer, know how they do it. 

To find a password, hackers use a system that goes through variations of possible keywords – all within minutes.

“This problem is compounded by the fact that people tend to use passwords that are easy to remember and which they can relate to such as pet names, family members, school they went to etc,” IT expert and software developer, Yasser Hamed, said to Fox News. “With the advent of social networking such as Facebook and Twitter, this type of information is even easier to attain.”

Malicious computer programs like Trojan Horse can be controlling your laptop at home and not even know it, all it needs to work in your computer is for you to activate it by clicking on it or downloading it.

“It can be used to control the host remotely and hence allow the hacker access to the data stored on hard drives. A Trojan Horse can even be used to activate a webcam on the infected machine and allow the hacker to attain photographs from inside the premises without you even being aware,” Hamed said

The moral of this story is don’t keep nude pictures of yourself in your email accounts and be vigilant about your computer.

Have you ever been hacked?