5 Things You Don't Know About USA Soccer Star Amy Rodriguez

Have you been watching the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup this summer? If not, you've been missing out on some seriously competitive and incredibly tense games! The U.S. Women's Team, though ranked #1 in the world, has had to claw and fight for every game they have won—especially Sunday's nail biter against the favored Brazilian national team, which was decided by penalty shots.

Half-Cuban Amy Rodriguez—affectionately dubbed "A-Rod" by her teammates—is a 24-year-old forward for the U.S. Women's team with a ridiculously impressive 62 caps (soccer slang for appearances in official international matches) under her belt and 17 goals! As you watch the World Cup Finals today (airing live on ESPN), here are five cool things you never knew about Amy Rodriguez before!

1) Rodriguez is one of only three American women to be signed to a sponsorship deal with sportswear company Puma.

2) Her grandmother apparently makes some seriously delicious black beans

3) Amy scored the lone goal in the second part of the USA’s two-game playoff against Italy, a 1-0 victory that clinched the national team's berth to Germany for the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup games.

4) Rodriguez has a quirky and self-described "off the wall" personality and loves to insert movie quotes and weird voices into her everyday conversation.

5) The soccer phenom, born in 1987, first joined the U.S. Women's National Team for the 2005 Algarve Cup and was the only high school player on the roster.