5 Things You Didn't Know About Dulce Maria

Dulce Maria is getting back on the music scene since her RBD days. The 26-year-old singer/actress will be starring in a document series titled, Dulce María: Extranjera, on MTV Tr3s later on this year. The new show will focus on the Mexican pop star’s journey to becoming a crossover star.

Before she hits the Hollywood walk of fame, check out 5 facts you may not know about the chica below:

1. She got her start on Sesame Street.

Before Dulce Maria was known as a successful telenovela actress and pop singer, the star got her start singing her ABC's on the Spanish version of Sesame Street titled, Plaza Sesamo.

2. She's related to Frida Kahlo.

Apparently, art runs in the family! According to Mi Gente magazine, the legendary Mexican painter Frida is Dulce's great aunt (her grandmother's sister).

3. She pays tribute to Selena Quintanilla in her upcoming album.

Her first solo album titled, Extranjera, pays homage to the late Tejano singer Selena in the track, "Ya No." In a recent interview she explained, "I love the song because it shows women to have their limits and to know when to say enough is enough. Besides it being a song about dignity and respect, I think it's great to cover such an iconic artist in Latin music."

4. She dated her RBD bandmate Alfonso Herrera.

The former couple shared a three-year on-again and off-again relationship that lasted until 2005. Rumor has it that Dulce and Herrera did not speak for over a year after the split. They claim to still be "good friends."

5. She collaborated with Akon for his track, "Beautiful."

The Mexican pop star laced a couple of Spanish lyrics for Akon's hit 2009 track off of his third album, Freedom. The song, which also featured Colby O'Donis, made Billboard's top 10 list for "Hot Digital Songs." Watch Dulce in action below!