5 Infamous Latina Fashion Mishaps

We can guarantee that every celebrity dreads a fashion mishap. A quick slip can become headline news with a blink of an eye! Just take Jennifer Lopez's dubious wardrobe malfunction at the 2012 Oscars as an example. The slip wasn't even quite clear and it still managed to grab massive attention. Lucky for you we are taking a look back at other Latina fashion mishaps that should be locked in a vault and never to be released again. Well, just one more time can't hurt right?

1. Wardrobe Malfunctions: Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera

The culprit: Spray tan

The crime: The “Beautiful” singer may have been belting all of the right melodies at Etta James’ funeral, but everything about her spray tan proved to be disastrous. Streaks of tanning lotion started melting off during her performance and left embarrassing streaks. Got a baby wipe for that? 


2. Wardrobe Malfunctions: Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes:

The culprit: A braless slip

The crime: The Cuban actress rocked a classic white collared button down without a bra at the premiere of her movie Bad Lieutenant. Her slip was totally avoidable if only she secured one extra button. We are sure the fellas didn't mind this one!

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3. Wardrobe Malfunctions: Fergie


The culprit: A wet spot

The crime: Fergie mistakenly went to the bathroom on herself during a Black Eyed Peas concert in San Diego.  She told a newspaper, "I had a few drinks before going on stage, but I didn't think to go to the bathroom. We were jumping around and my bladder just started you know." Yes Fergie, unfortunately we do know.

4. Wardrobe Malfunctions: Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria:

The culprit: A tuxedo top

The crime: The Desperate Housewives star made a revealing appearance on the David Letterman Show while promoting her cookbook, "Eva's Kitchen." All that talk about cilantro and garlic eventually led her tuxedo top to pop open. We think a simple tank top underneath would have solved the dilemma!

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5. Wardrobe Malfunctions: Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato:

The culprit: Plunging neckline

The crime: The teen pop star wore a stylish deep purple dress featuring a plunging neckline at the 12th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards. While walking the red carpet Lovato suffered a quick slip. Although she tried to pull the dress in place, countless of photographers had already snapped the chica in action. Sorry!

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