5 Epic Latino Rivalries

CHiPs alum Erik Estrada and comedian George Lopez have been feuding for years. Lopez has often made fun of Estrada in his stand-up comedy and they've both traded insults—sometimes via video. At one time, Estrada said that he even went as far as to confront Lopez at a church carnival and said that Lopez was too chicken to fight him.

When we spoke to Estrada this week about his upcoming appearance on Univision's hit show, ¡Mira Quien Baila!, the Puerto Rican actor made it clear that the feud between him and Lopez is still on. “His show was supposed to be cancelled after the first season, but Conan [O'Brien] wanted to keep it on,” Estrada said of TBS's decision to cancel Lopez's late-night talk show, Lopez Tonight“There’s a lot of things people don’t know about this guy," he said of Lopez. "For me to talk about this guy—I’m wasting my time. The law of God—the law of Karma, is on him right now. He is doomed." Clearly this is an epic Latino rivalry, but it's not the only one that exists. Here are five other epic Latino rivalries that have been going on for years. 

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