5 Couples Who Communicate Over Twitter

According to an OKCupid study, daily Twitter users have shorter relationships, which got us thinking about our fave couples who communicate constantly via the micro-blogging site.

We think they are doing just fine, but what do we know? Check out these five chatty Twitter couples and tell us if you think tweeting is bad for their relationships!

1. Twitter Couples: Nicole & Joel

Nicole Richie & Joel Madden
Nicole & Joel remind us that celebs really are just like us! They fight over the same stupid stuff, take for example when the Good Charlotte frontman took his wife to task for spending thousands of dollars on pillows. “Do you ever look at your credit card bill & ask your wife how the hell she could spend 3 thousand dollars on pillows?” Madden tweeted, sounding suspiciously like our own hubbies! But don’t worry, Richie can more than hold her own and takes the opportunity every now and then to remind Joel who’s boss, all in 140 characters or less! “That’s why I don’t answer your calls,” Richie snarkily replied. Ha!

2. Twitter Couples: Don Omar & Jackie Guerrido

Don Omar & Jackie Guerrido
This is where Twitter gets ugly. Don Omar and Jackie Guerrido have been involved in a drawn out, vicious and very public divorce over the last few years. They even both shut down their Twitter accounts at one point; Guerrido claimed she was hacked while Omar said he “wanted his life back." But this past February, Don Omar used the service to issue an anonymous threat, tweeting, “It’s been more than 10 months since I hear from you thanks to your lies and the mediocre people you work with. You have 72 hours so that everything goes back to normal without this affecting anyone else. Otherwise, you will all know what I am capable of when you disrespect me in the way you all have.” Soon after, he tweeted, "I was born alone and it’s clear that when I leave this world it’ll be the same way. That’s why I’m not afraid of being alone," basically confirming the rumors on an impending divorce.

3. Twitter Couples: Kat Von D & Jesse James

Kat Von D & Jesse James
The award for most over-the-top Twitter PDA goes to Kat Von D and her fiancé Jesse James. Von D even used the site to announce that she was dating Sandra Bullock’s notorious ex! They are constantly tweeting sweet nothings to each other. For example, in January right before they announced their engagement (via Twitter of course!) James tweeted: “You make it so easy to do everything I can to show you how Amazing you are. I see it as clear as a bell. My other half.” We get it! You guys are in love! Congratulations. Now can we see some wedding pictures please?!

4. Twitter Couples: Jessica Alba & Cash Warren

Jessica Alba & Cash Warren
Jess is definitely one of our favorite celebs to follow on Twitter because she tweets about things that we can all relate too, like cousins' baby showers, being a mommy, or her husband’s horrible attempts at emulating American Idol wannabes. You know, the usual. She and hubby Cash even used social media to announce that they were pregnant with baby number two, and thanked fans for their well wishes. "Wow! Can't tell you how much the positive tweets mean to @jessicaalba and I...smiles from ear to ear. lots of love back at cha!!" Cash tweeted. But they tend to keep their personal banter playful and light on Twitter, which we appreciate, because when it comes to couples, there is really only so much we need to know.

5. Twitter Couples: Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber
No relationship has incurred the wrath of Twitter like that of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. Poor Selenita has received death threats for dating the pop wunderkind for chrissakes! But they actually seem to refrain from addressing each other directly over the micro-blogging service. Perhaps they learned their lesson? A few weeks ago, the Biebs made the mistake of sharing his real feelings with the world, tweeting to Selena, “I miss you.” Five seconds later the world exploded, or at least you would think so from the reaction of the gossip blogs! Since then, all has been quiet on the Twitter front between this couple.

6. Twitter Couples: POLL

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