33 Badass Comedians With Latin Roots!

Earlier this month, renowned comedian Louis CK of Louie fame graced our television screens via HBO to bring us his classic observational comedy that always packs a punch. 

The Mexican-American comedian's newest stand-up routine entitled Oh My God was so badass, that it got us thinking about all of the other badass Latino comedians out there (note: there are MANY!). Without further ado, we present our list of 33 badass Latino comedians with Latin roots!


Anjelah Johnson

What do you think of when you’re asked to produce an image of a nail salon employee? Alright, it might not come up a lot in conversation, unless you’re talking about the hilarious Mexican comedienne Anjelah Johnson. Made famous for her role on MADtv’s 13th season, Johnson’s signature characters include a Vietnamese nail salon employee and the unforgettable Bon Qui Qui, otherwise known as the rudest fast food employee you’ll ever meet. Her work on the sketch comedy show earned her an ALMA Award nomination in 2008 and led her find roles in movies like 2010’s Our Family Wedding alongside America Ferrera and Carlos Mencia.       


Fred Armisen

Comedian Fred Armisen has had us in stitches since 2002 as a long-time member of the Saturday Night Live cast. He’s portrayed much beloved characters like Venezuelan nightclub comedian Fericito and Garth of the duo Garth and Kat (Kristen Wiig) who create songs on the spot. Outside of SNL the Venezuelan actor is the co-creator and co-star of the sketch comedy Portlandia.    


Cheech Marin

Known for his over the top Mexican accent Richard Marin, known as Cheech to the masses, has been entertaining others with his comedic genius for decades. He first came onto the comedy scene in the 1970s as a member of the now popular duo Cheech & Chong. Since then he’s been busy getting laughs all over the world with a multitude of comedy albums and feature films. A man who can keep the jokes flying for multiple generations of listeners? That’s pretty badass.


Chuy Bravo

Every great talk show host has their own sidekick, and Chuy Bravo (real name Jesus Melgoza) is Chelsea Handler’s on her hit E! show Chelsea Lately. Her “little nugget” as he’s been lovingly dubbed is the first ever Latino sidekick! He’s always there to save the day when a joke is in danger of falling flat, and we’re pretty sure Handler couldn’t do it without him. 


Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza’s dry, satirical delivery fits right in with a generation that responds to deadpan comedy. The 28-year-old comedienne currently stars as intern April Ludgate on the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation, but that’s not her only claim to fame. The Puerto Rican has performed at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater since 2004 and has starred in the films Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and Safety Not Guaranteed. Besides, we all know it takes a badass to get kicked out of the MTV Movie Awards (which happened to her this year).


Oscar Nunez.

We can’t get enough of Oscar Nunez’s character, Oscar Martinez, on the NBC hit The Office. Who says accountants have to be boring? The Cuban comedian’s portrayal of Oscar, who is often the target of the other characters’ Hispanic and homosexual jokes, keeps us tuning in year after year!


Carlos Mencia

Climbing quickly up the stand-up ranks it wasn’t long before Carlos Mencia became a well-known name in comedy. The Honduran comedian has hosted HBO’s Loco Slam and performed specials for the network, one of which won him a CableACE Award for “Best Stand-Up Comedy Special”. The actor also had his own show, Mind of Mencia, on Comedy Central. If you can land your own show, you must be a badass.


Gabriel Iglesias

After the holidays when you’ve put on few extra pounds of fruitcake have you ever been caught saying, “I’m not fat, I’m fluffy”? If so, there’s a good chance you picked it up from comedy heavy hitter Gabriel Iglesias. The Mexican comedian is famous in his stand-up routines related to his weight and his habit of wearing bright, Hawaiian shirts. Iglesias’s resume can also boast a 2011 standup showcase series on Comedy Central titled Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand Up Revolution which he hosted and produced as well as hosting/co-hosting more episodes of Equals Three than anyone else. Any guy who can make fun of himself and be funny doing it is badass to us!


Paul Rodriguez

Who was once ranked on Comedy Central’s “100 Greatest Standups of all Time”? This guy! Comedian Paul Rodriguez has done it all from TV to film to charity work. He’s starred in movies like Tortilla Soup and Rat Race and hosted MTV Tr3s home video show Mis Video Locos. Completely immersed in the business of making people laugh, the Mexican actor is also a part-owner of West Hollywood’s Laugh Factory.


John Leguizamo

Colombian comedian John Leguizamo has come a long way from his days on the New York nightclub circuit. The popular actor has starred in a number of roles in films, television, and Broadway including Kill Point, House of Buggin’, and Freak. Those of you who are eagerly awaiting another dose of Leguizamo’s comedy need look no further than ABC this fall where he is set to debut a pilot about his own crazy life!


George Lopez

As is true with many comedians, the unparalleled George Lopez got his start on the stand-up circuit before hitting it big. The Mexican actor is best known for his situational family comedy George Lopez which helped bring Hispanic sitcoms to the prime time line-up as well as his late night talk show on TBS, Lopez Tonight, which was cancelled in 2011. Now that we see Lopez as a fixture in our homes it’s nice to know that we won’t have to wait too much longer for his return to the small screen. It was recently announced that he’s currently creating a new sitcom, Saint George, which we can expect to air on FX in no time because let’s be honest, life without Lopez just doesn’t feel as bright! 


Pablo Francisco

This MADtv alum has a talent for voices able to impersonate anyone from Jackie Chan to Arnold Schwarzenegger to Celine Dion! The comedian has been seen on Comedy Central Presents and toured as a member of “The Three Amigos” with fellow comedians Carlos Mencia and Freddy Soto.


Ruperto Vanderpool

Comedian Ruperto Vanderpool uses his cultural background and expressive face to draw laughs from anyone lucky enough to be watching. This Dominican’s large family has provided him with material from which to create his own comedic persona. Vanderpool was featured in Queen Latifah’s The Cookout and has appeared as a guest on Showtime at the Apollo.


Alex Reymundo

Comedian Alex Reymundo pulls from his experiences living in Mexico, Texas, and Kentucky to generate one-of-a-kind comedy acts. The Mexican actor was featured alongside some comedic masters in Comedy Central’s The Original Kings of Comedy and was featured in a one-hour special Alex Reymundo Hick-Spanic: Live in Albuquerque for which he won an ALMA Award for “Outstanding Comedy Special”!


Adal Ramones

Despite having a rough childhood, Mexican comedian Adal Ramones was able to overcome his difficulties and is now best known for having hosted the wildly popular Mexican television show Otro Rollo. The program welcomed guests like Will Smith, Kevin James, Drew Barrymore, and Cameron Diaz to name a few. A comedian able to land dozens of big name celebrities on his show is indeed a badass.


Luis de Alba

Who else but Luis de Alba can elicit genuine adult laughter dressed as giant rat? He is clearly deserving of a spot on this list! The Mexican comedian is best known for his portrayal of famous characters El Raton Crispin, the big, fat rat, and El Pirrurris, a presumptuous son of a millionaire, among others on El Mundo De Luis de Alba.


Willie Barcena

Willie Barcena has heart. His blue collar comedy routines and one-man show Cry Like a Man have turned listeners into fans. The comedian boasts the record for the Latino comedian with the most appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno at 12. His relationship with Leno earned him an invite to raise the spirits of those troops serving overseas in Afghanistan, and he gladly accepted the offer.


Andres Fernandez

Influenced by Bill Cosby and Richard Pryor, Andres Fernandez strives to bring the laughs while leaving the mean-spirited jokes at home. The Domincian’s material, much of which comes from his culture and family, most particularly his dad, never fail to draw hilarity!


Debi Gutierrez

Veteran comedienne Debi Gutierrez is lovingly considered the “mommy comic”. We don’t know whether to be homesick for family or praying for a break from them after viewing one of her routines based on home life!


Andrew Kennedy

Talk about growing up in different cultures! Colombian comedian Andrew Kennedy grew up all over the world including the Caribbean, South America, the Far East, and the United States. Lucky for him, Kennedy was able to mold this mezcla into truly winning comedy – no really, he won Comedy Central’s “Top 20 Comedy Showdown”!


Al Madrigal

Some of you might recognize Al Madrigal as a regular correspondent on a little show called The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. The Latino also makes regular appearances on Craig Ferguson’s The Late Late Show. This comedian is certainly enjoying mainstream success!


Johnny Sanchez

Anyone will familiar with the Los Angeles comedy scene is sure to recognize Johnny Sanchez. The Latino, who draws side-splitting laughter from his audiences, was a member of MADtv from 2007 until the end of the show’s run in 2009.


Shayla Rivera

Listen to Puerto Rican Shayla Rivera and you can expect to be left gasping for air, from too much laughter, of course! The stand-up star has appeared on Comedy Central’s Comedy Rehab, and did we mention she was named “Funniest Latina Comedian” by Latina 2015?


Bill Santiago

A former journalist, Bill Santiago continues to entertain audiences but in an entirely different way. The comedian has made the late night rounds and keeps audiences hanging on to his every word Saturday mornings on CNN where he performs Santiago’s Weekly Pop Wrapup. As if that wasn’t enough he’s also the author of Pardon My Spanglish. Check this guy out, we promise you won’t regret it!


Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui has a voice that can launch a million laughs. The Argentinean comedian and voice actor is well known for his role as Deputy James Garcia on Reno 911! and his vocal talents on Phineas and Ferb, Family Guy, and many more popular cartoons.


Sandra Valls

While you might not want to watch her in front of the kids, there’s no doubting the fact that Sandra Valls is comedic gold. The Mexican comedienne’s take on sexuality in society makes for a perfect show!


Mike Robles

Mike Robles is widely heralded for his comedic skill. The Latino is an Emmy Award winner whose most popular work might be his two shows Video Mix and Que Locos


Horatio Sanz

Comedian Horatio Sanz started his career in Chicago performing in multiple theaters including Second City and the Upright Citizens Brigade before scoring a coveted spot on Saturday Night Live in 1998. Since then, Sanz has had us rolling with laughs!


Joey Medina

A boxer first, Puerto Rican Joey Medina turned in his boxing gloves for a chance to strike it big as a champion of comedy – and he’s been quite a success! Medina has starred in Joey Medina: Taking Off The Gloves, The Original Latin Kings of Comedy, and Latin Palooza.


Rafihna Bastos

Brazilian Rafihna Bastos has made quite a name for himself in the world of social media. In 2011 The New York Times named him the world’s most influential person on Twitter. Spreading the comedy via social media isn’t all he’s into, though. He’s doing his part to spread laughter in his home country. The comedian opened the first comedy club in Brazil in 2010.


José Mota

Spanish born José Mota is one part of the comedic duo Cruz y Raya who achieved success on Pero ¿esto qué es? and Tutti Frutti. He’s also lent his voice to various characters in the Spanish versions of multiple films.


Felipe Esparza

If you spot wild hair and hear the catch-phrased “what’s up, fool?” you’re probably watching raw comedian Felipe Esparza. In 2010 this funny guy proved his comedic prowess winning NBC’s Last Comic Standing and his stand-up special, “They’re Not Gonna Laugh at You”, premiered last year on Showtime.


Sara Contreras

Puerto Rican Sara Contreras is a true comedienne queen. She uses her wit to entertain anyone who crosses her path, and boy are we happy when that “anyone” means us! She’s also an actress and has played parts on Law and Order, Conviction, and Third Watch.