The 10 Most Hilarious World Cup Memes!

On Sunday afternoon, Lionel Messi and Argentina will take on Germany in the final game of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

It's been a wild ride: there were surprising losses, unfathomable saves, breathtaking goals, and heartbreaking injuries. It's obvious why there's a World Cup just once every four years -- our hearts simply can't take any more. 

In preparation for the final match of the tournament, check out the 10 most hilarious memes from the 2014 World Cup: 

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#1: Mom Pants

Let's start from the beginning, shall we? We knew it was going to be a crazy World Cup the second the Opening Ceremony began... and we first spotted Pitbull's deeply unflattering white pants. Dubbed "Mom Pants" by the Internet, the capris resembled the "Tight Pants" worn by Jennifer Lopez on an episode of The Tonight Show.

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#2: Ronaldo Crying

Portugal's golden boy, Cristiano Ronaldo, cries... a lot. After a series of pitiful performances, his team was eliminated and the forward bawled on the field. Twitter users exploded, using the image to create memes that mocked Ronaldo for his poor performance and tendency to fake injuries. 

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#3: Mexican Jesus

Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa became a national hero after miraculously blocking a series of goals during the team's group stage match against Brazil. The game -- one of the best of the World Cup -- ended in a tie, thanks to Ochoa's jaw-dropping performance. He was crowned "Man of the Match" by Budweiser, and dubbed the Mexican Jesus by his fans back home. 

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#4: Hungry, hungry Luis Suarez

Uruguayan forward Luis Suarez managed to get himself kicked out of the tournament (and banned for four months) after biting Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini during the group stage. Hilariously, this wasn't Suarez's first time biting someone on the field... and the Internet went absolutely nuts creating memes about his -- *ahem* -- unusual dietary habits. 

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#5: Who wears short shorts? 

Alexis Sanchez thrilled fans when he led Chile all the way to the round-of-sixteen match of the tournament. He also thrilled all the ladies with his toned physique and tight bum. Luckily for all of us, the sexy forward prefers his shorts very, very short. We don't hate it. 

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#6: #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave

In the round-of-sixteen match against Belgium, U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard (dubbed the "Secretary of Defense" by fans) managed to save 15 goals. 15 saves. That's a World Cup record! 

The United States (sadly) lost, but an American hero emerged from the ashes, and the hashtag #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave was born.


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#7: King James!

Forget MessiNeymar Jr. or Ronaldo.

The stand-out player of the 2014 World Cup was James Rodriguez. The Colombian midfielder propelled his team to their first ever World Cup quarterfinals match, and rallied an entire nation behind him. Despite their loss to Brazil in the quarterfinals, the Colombian National Team flew home to a proud and cheering nation. Step aside, LeBron. There's a new King in town. 

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#8: Bye, Bye Brazil! 

Brazil's heartbreaking loss stunned the nation -- and the world. Playing without the injured Neymar Jr. and sans captain Thiago Silva, the team self-destructed against the unstoppable Germans. The 7-1 blowout went down as one of the worst defeats in World Cup history... and the Internet went absolutely wild creating memes. Someone even created a mock-up of the "new Brazilian flag" -- littered with balls. Ouch. 

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#9: Messi the Redeemer

With Neymar Jr. out with an injury, Luis Suarez banned (LOL), and James Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo eliminated, there's only one champion left on the field: Lionel Messi. His victory against Netherlands means that he will play in his first World Cup final... and finally have the opportunity to take home the trophy. 

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#10: The Pope Bowl

The final match of the World Cup has been dubbed the “Pope Bowl” by Internet users, because the two living Popes, Benedict XVI and Francis, hail from the opposing countries, Germany and Argentina. Ay dios mio. Better start saying your prayers now... 

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