10 Reasons Marc Anthony Filed for Divorce from J. Lo Now

According to reports, Marc Anthony officially filed for divorce from Jennifer Lopez this past Monday. The couple ended their seven-year union back in July of last year. Since then, the salsa singer started dating Venezuelan model, Shannon de Lima, while J.Lo has been 'dancing again' with beau, Casper Smart. Find out 10 reasons why Marc Anthony waited to file for divorce - until now.

Disclaimer: This is all in jest. If taken seriously, we will have Marc Anthony come to your house and dole out good ol’ traditional machismo.

1. Marc Files: Casper's Truck

After realizing Jennifer Lopez gave her current beau a real truck (not a Tonka truck), Marc had enough and got his lawyers on the line.

2. Marc Files: Q'Viva

Restrictions in Marc’s Q’Viva: The Chosen contract required him to file for divorce when the show was pushed to a later start time on Fox. The contract also required Marc to speak 90 percent of the Spanish on the show. 'Lo siento, pero...'

3. Marc Files: Dance Again

The super sexed-up, “Dance Again," music video.

4. Marc Files: When the Night is Over

Revisiting his freestyle music beginnings, he truly knew the night was completely over.

5. Marc Files: Tweet

J.Lo never retweets him. Even when Marc includes @JLo in his tweets (“So proud to join the stage w @JLo & #TheChosen - @QViva”)!

J. Lo still doesn’t give a twit.


6. Marc Files: Drake

After listening to Drake’s “Marvin’s Room,” Marc was inspired to write, “Marc’s Room.” And the hook goes “F*%* that dancer that you love so bad/ I know you still think about the times we had/ I’m just saying you could do better/ Did Cris Judd not answer your letter?”

7. Marc Files: Vein

 Little Max and Emme consider Casper their “daddy” not a friendly ghost. According to OK! Magazine, the twins are calling Casper “daddy.” Subsequently, Marc’s bulging vein on his forehead (it’s more pronounced when he hits those high notes) just may burst.

8. Marc Files: Jenny from the Block

Marc was completely fooled by the rocks that she got, he thought she was still "Jenny From The Block."

9. Marc Files: Pitbull

First the divorce, then the dispute on who will have full custody of Pitbull for guest appearances.

10. Marc Files: Scarf

According to reports, Marc is “asking the court to deny Lopez spousal support.” In turn, he is asking for a per diem for scarves, a lifetime supply of GNC’s Ultimate Bulk-Up Pack, and a movie deal to portray salsa legend Tito Puente sans a role for J.Lo in the film.