10 Reasons I Want to Date Birthday Boy Victor Rasuk!

Those who know me, know that I adore Victor Rasuk. I mean, absolutely adore him.

I first laid eyes on the Dominican-American actor on a shelf at Blockbuster back in 2003 – he, alongside actress Judy Marte, graced the DVD cover of the beloved indie film Raising Victor Vargas. I rented and ingested the film and have followed his career ever since – through Lords of Dogtown, his various projects, and his big role in How To Make It In America. I even had the chance to interview Victor a few years ago (of course, I pitched the story idea), and will never forget the day he walked through Latina’s NYC office last year. My face hurt from smiling so much that day. I guess you can call me a big fan.

Today is Victor’s 29th birthday and we’d like to wish him the best. And below, I’ve listed the reasons why I’d date him. Because I totally would. Happy Birthday, Victor!

1. He’s really down-to-earth: When Victor hung out with Latina’s editors last year, he walked in solo – and in a Yankees baseball cap. No flashy pretentiousness here – which makes the actor that much more likeable.

2. His lips: I think the aforementioned words speak for themselves… the actor’s got it going on in the lip department. He even gave his little brother’s character a hilarious tutorial on how to lick them the right way (seductively, of course) for the opposite sex in Raising Victor Vargas. Yea…

3. He hasn’t forgotten where he came from: I interviewed Victor back in 2010 and, during the interview, he told me about his plans to help inner city youth just like himself. The actor grew up in New York City’s Lower East Side neighborhood.

4. He’s talented: He seems to be able to adapt to challenging roles, and excels in them. That’s talent. Check him out in 2005’s Lords of Dogtown and you will see what I mean.

5. He showed us How To Make It In America: Even though his HBO show was canceled, Victor did his thing in How To Make It In America. We wish they would bring the show back!

6. He’s Dominican: I’m also Dominican – so our courtship would skip all the rundowns of one another’s cultures and foods. We would just get one another, na’ mean?

7. He’s hot: Not sure if you’ve noticed already, but Victor’s hot. That’s all.

8. He’s family oriented: In an extremely laidback chat with Latina’s editors, Victor went on and on about his niece. Love a guy who loves his familia!

9. His breakthrough role in Raising Victor Vargas: This film role is enough to make anyone fall in love with him. Victor plays a wannabe-Rico Suave in Peter Sollett’s 2002 film – and he owned the role.

10. I met him: I met him personally already, so who is to say I won’t again? A girl can dream, right?