10 Perks of Being Friends With a Latino

Friends with Latino benefits! Not like that. Get your mind out of the gutter and read on!

1. Latino Friends 1

You’ll Be Able to Say More Than “Gracias” in Spanish

Your Spanish vocabulary will extend well-passed “gracias” and “bueno.” Having a Spanish-speaking Latino friend is way better than four years of AP Spanish. Plus, you learn all the curse words. 

2. Latino Friends 2

Your Barrio Pass is Unlimited

As long as you have your Latino friend by your side, you’ll be welcome to any barrio in the U.S. If you’re down with Juan, you’re down with all. 

3. Latino Friends 3

You Won’t Go Hungry

Every time you set foot in your Latino friend’s parents’ house, make sure to wear sweatpants. Their parents will feed you Costco-sized platters of delicious, heart-stopping Latin cuisine. Burp!

4. Latino Friends 4

You Can Use the Expression, “No Way, Jose”

You’re in a heated pop culture debate and your Latino friend is way off! You say, “No way, Jose!” Just make sure his name is actually Jose. 

5. Latino Friends 5

Learn How To Throw The Perfect House Party

The perfect house party is an art—music, food, drinks, cramp apartment or house, booties shaking. And now you’re an expert.

6. Latino Friends 6

You’ll Become a Better Dancer

If you’re hitting up the clubs weekend after weekend with your Latino friends, chances are you’re going to pick up a step or two. After a few years of clubbing, dancing salsa will be second nature.

7. Latino Friends 7

You’ll Understand Why Scarface is Offensive

Oh! The Latino immigrant-turned-drug lord is a stereotype still permeating Hollywood today! Now you see the light!

8. Latino Friends 8

His/Her Siblings Are Hot

When you’re hanging with your Latino homie, you’ll probably also become friendly with his/her siblings. And you’re probably in for a treat—they’re smoking hot. But hands off! After they’re familia so just sit back and enjoy the view.

9. Latino Friends 9

You’ll Eat Great Food at Latin Restaurants

Take a gander at Yelp, hit up the best Latin food spots in your town and take your Latino friend with you. Let him order in Spanish and your belly will be smiling. 

10. Latino Friends 10

They Introduce You to More Latinos

Your circle friends widens when you’re amigos with Latinos. We roll deeper than the FBI. Now where’s the next house party?