10 Latinas Who Know Drama

Some people seem to attract drama like a magnet—or even cause it. Witness scandal queen Jenni Rivera, whose brother followed her example by beating up a fan onstage recently, and Jennifer Lopez, who is going through her third divorce. But they’re hardly the only Latinas with less-than-perfect lives. Here is our list of Latin celebs whose lives are more packed with drama than a telenovela.

1. Drama: Jenni Rivera

Jenni Rivera

The Banda Queen reigns supreme in our list of drama divas. Let’s count the stars in her controversy crown: She recently discovered that she has a half-brother, the product of her father’s infidelity. Bottom feeder Claudia Vasquez, girlfriend of Jennifer Lopez ‘s ex, Ojani Noa, is now claiming that the singer has owed her $20,000 for years. Speaking of $20,000, that’s how much Rivera claimed she was carrying at Mexico City International Airport last year, when she was really carrying $52,167, landing her in legal trouble. She and her brother Juan have gotten into physical fights with rowdy fans at concerts—complete with hair pulling, punching and beer dousings. Not all her scandals are her doing. In 2006, her ex-husband Jose Trinidad Marin was sentenced to more than 30 years in prison for raping their daughter Chiquis and a sister-in-law; Rivera’s son Michael, 19, was charged with having sex with a minor last year. And then there’s that virtuoso sex tape of Rivera and a bandmate, stolen from her home and splayed across the Internet. Girlfriend needs a despojo, quick.

2. Drama: Gloria Trevi

Gloria Trevi

The once super successful, beloved singer and actress, was always viewed as a raunchier version of Madonna, but “La Atrevida” took a turn for the truly disgusting in 1999, when she was put on Mexico’s most wanted list after a former backup singer who had written a book detailing sexual abuse and torture of her and a clan of other girls at the hands of Trevi and manager/husband Sergio Andrade filed charges. Trevi, Andrade and a group of girls disappeared and it took Interpol a year to find them. At least five of the girls were pregnant by Andrade, and Trevi had lost a baby shortly after birth. Held in a Brazilian jail while fighting extradition, she became pregnant by Andrade after he bribed guards for alone time with Trevi. She eventually returned to Mexico to face kinapping, rape and corruption of minors charges—and was acquitted for lack of evidence.

3. Drama: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

The Latina Elizabeth Taylor has been married three times, most recently kicking hubby Marc Anthony to the curb. La Lopez has won several court cases blocking first husband Ojani Noa from making a film about the couple, as well as publishing books and home videos of her, including a honeymoon sex tape. Her relationship with P. Diddy ended a year after a nightclub shooting by one of his protégées brought her the wrong kind of publicity. She was briefly married to backup dancer Cris Judd, a marriage that was effectively over when she started dating Ben Affleck. Bennifer was born, with seemingly every aspect of their relationship getting tons of publicity. They called off a 2003 wedding and separated in 2004. She soon afterward reconnected with old friend Anthony. Jlo and Marc got married four days after his divorce from Dayanara Torres came through, with some blaming JLo for the breakup. Their own breakup came this July, with everything from Scientology to Anthony’s allegedly controlling ways blamed. May we suggest some alone time?, ,

4. Drama: Paulina Rubio

Paulina Rubio

Pau is pretty much the polar opposite of good girl Thalia, her former Timbiriche bandmate and rival. After all, you can’t say “I have been famous since I was born” and party hearty as Rubio has, and not have controversy come your way. Rubio was investigated by the Mexican government after a 2007 cover of the Spanish edition of Cosmopolitan showed her draped in what looked like the Mexican flag led authorities to wonder if she had desecrated it. That same year, El Diario de Chihuahua reported that she and her husband, Nicolas Vallejo, had been denied U.S. visas because of positive drug tests results (marijuana for her, ecstacy and cocaine for him), which her reps denied. This year, she was arrested for refusing to step out of her car, becoming belligerent and shouting at police after a Miami fender bender. She may face a Sept. 14 trial for obstruction of justice, disorderly conduct and refusal to obey a lawful command. A chill pill is in order, perhaps.

5. Drama: Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez

Potty-mouthed M-Rod don’t give a f***. And she’ll tell you that, no problem. She’s a crazy sound bit machine, spewing classics like, “If I wanna f*** a girl, a boy, a dog, that’s my business. That’s why there’s bathroom doors. What the majority of (people) want to know is what I’m doing with my vagina, and I think that that’s sick. What do you care who I’m dating?” Clearly, keeping her sexuality to herself despite intense tabloid interest is important. Sadly, the tough chick, who was arrested for assault on a roommate in 2002 (the charges were later dropped) has also had an irresponsible side in the past: She’s been arrested twice for DUI (one incident of which involved a hit-and-run accident) and twice served time in jail for probation violations related to the arrests. Thankfully, she’s been arrest-free since 2007. F*** yeah!

6. Drama: Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera

Just weeks after stumbling at the Grammys and flubbing a line of the national anthem at the Super Bowl, and after tabloids reported that friends of the singer were concerned about her excessive drinking, Aguilera was arrested for public intoxication in March, after her boyfriend Matthew Rutler was arrested on suspicion of DUI when the couple’s car was pulled over. Less destructive were pictures leaked online last December and earlier this year, showing Aguilera in various, shall we say, uncomfortable positions. Not quite the comeback we were hoping for.

7. Drama: Paz de la Huerta

Paz de la Huerta

The words hot mess come to mind. The Boardwalk Empire actress an indomitable wild child: She has no problem getting fully naked in films, on TV, and in magazines, over and over. That, of course, is not drama, just a quirk. Showing boob while getting turned away from a Golden Globes party for already being way too drunk, then falling into the gutter while going back to her ride’s car, and in a separate incident punching out a girl in bar fight (both incidents featured nipple slips)? That’s drama


8. Drama: Kat Von D

Kat Von D

Drama in Von D’s life is clearly not limited to her tattoos. She got engaged to Sandra Bullock’s ex, Jesse James, earlier this year and all seemed well, till they suddenly ended their engagement in late July, with Radar reporting that right before the breakup, Von D was overheard asking James about a woman and complaining about his living far away and James was seen cussing her out and peeling away on his motorcycle. But Thursday, after TLC announced that her show, LA Ink, was being cancelled, the couple confirmed that they were back together, posting romantic pictures on their Twitter accounts. You win some, you lose some, you win some again.

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