10 Latinas Weigh in On J.Lo’s Divorce

After Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced via a joint statement today that they are filing for divorce, hundreds of Latina readers took to our Facebook page to weigh in on the split. Here's what 10 Latinas think of J.Lo and Marc's breakup.

Minnie Barbosa: "Next to MJ's death, this is the next hardest NEWS that i have heard and it breaks my heart."

Yvonne Mars: "That is very sad! After that SEXY display of his song & her dancing at the last awards show {American Idol}, they looked like they were still so HOT in LOVE!!! Truly makes me sad."

Marjorie Ortiz Martinez: "Muy triste noticias...cute couple indeed!"

Lin Iturrino: "Take a break or vacation! But not a divorce!!!!!!"

Katie Ramos: "Keep it civil for the kids!"

Laura Margarita Cirino: "My advice, wait it out and don't give in."

Mari Gigi Santos-Ramos: "Leo & Virgo aren't really a good combo anyway. She needs an Aries, another Leo or a Sagittarius & he needs a Taurus, another Virgo or a Capricorn. I knew it was only a matter of time.....Sad though!"

Norma Samano Salcedo: Another Elizabeth Taylor! She's too independent to be tied down...it's just sad for the babies :(

Elizabeth Dembicky: "J.Lo is probably already engaged."

Marilyn Hurtado: "I just wish that one couple can finally get it right. It takes a whole lot in making a relationship work & nowadays, everyones ready to fold out. If it doesnt work, then it's time to go. But geesh, wheres the hard work, compromise & patience anymore?