Gabriel García Márquez Says He Continues to Write


We reported several days ago that key people in Gabriel García Márquez's camp were speculating that the legendary Colombian author would soon retire. Well, we’re relieved to say that García Márquez vehemently denies those rumors.

The One Hundred Years of Solitude author told Colombia’s El Tiempo newspaper, “Not only is it not true, but the only true thing is that I do nothing else but write.” When asked whether he “will publish more books,” the elusive author, who phoned in from his home in Mexico, said his “trade is not to publish, but to write.” García Márquez, 82, continued, “I will know when the cakes I am baking are ready to eat.”

The author hasn’t released a new work since 2004’s Memorias de Mis Putas Tristes. You may now feel free to resume excitement over García Márquez's rumored new novel.

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