Is Gabriel García Márquez Retiring?

AP Photo/Miguel Tovar

Just when you thought it was safe to pre-pre-order Gabriel García Márquez's rumored new novel on, now comes word that the legendary Colombian author—who hasn't released a new work since 2004's Memorias de Mis Putas Tristes—may be putting down his pen for good.

"I don't think that García Márquez will write anything else," his agent, Carmen Balcells, tells Chile's La Tercera newspaper. García Márquez's biographer, Gerald Martin, also expressed skepticism that his subject would ever write again. "I also believe that Gabo won't write any more books, but I don't think this is too regrettable, because as a writer it was his destiny to have the immense satisfaction of having a totally coherent literary career many years before the end of his natural life."

Balcells and Martin's comments stand in contrast to rumors that surfaced back in December, when García Márquez's close friend and colleague, Plinio Apuleyo Mendoza, told The Guardian that the author had finished multiple versions of a new novel.

We're holding out hope that Apuleyo Mendoza is right and choosing not to believe that García Márquez has least, not until we hear those words from the man himself.

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