Book Review: "Lone Star Legend" by Gwedolyn Zepeda

Lone Star Legend by Gwedolyn Zepeda

In today’s tabloid-obsessed culture, snarkiness reigns supreme—just as it does in journalist-turned-blogger Sandy Saavedra’s world. Once an aspiring “serious” hard news writer, Sandy finds herself working for a Gawker-esque entertainment Web site called Nacho Papi, while maintaining her own personal anonymous blog, My Modern TragiComedy. It doesn’t take long for her to get in on the gossipmongering, and a post about a Chupacabra-sighting leads to a regular advice column from the unlikeliest of sources (a man with a connection to Sandy’s late aunt Linda).

As Sandy’s star rises, so too does the conflict: she struggles with compromising her integrity and hurting people she cares about in order to get ahead. With razor-sharp wit and a fast-paced style, Zepeda takes us on a ride, not only into the world of tabloid journalism, but also through the challenges of romantic relationships and family struggles—all the while giving us a heroine that pulls on our heart strings even when we don’t agree with some of her choices.

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