Mario Lopez to Write Children's Book

We've seen Mario Lopez sign up for some pretty random gigs to keep his name in the papers, but children's book author is one that even surprised us.

The muscle-bound actor is working on an illustrated children's book called Mud Taco, based on his adventures as a Mexican kid growing up in California. In keeping with the family-friendly theme, Mario will be working with his sister Marissa to write the book, which will come out next year.

An insider revealed details of the collaboration to In Touch Weekly: "For fun, [Mario] and Marissa would make tacos out of mud in the backyard, substituting worms for cheese, grass for lettuce and mud for meat...Now they’re writing a book about it to teach children to be strong and creative."

Umm, we guess it's sweet that Mario wants to put his childhood experiences in print. With a name like Mud Taco, though, we're just glad it's not a cookbook.