Ivy Queen to Write Autobiography

Clear some space on your bookshelf. Our favorite reggaetonera, Ivy Queen, has decided it's time to tell the world about how she clawed her way to the top by writing her very own autobiography, titled Detrás del Glamour.

She tells MTV's Blogamole, "the book I want to write isn’t going to be about gossip or rumors, I want it to be about the sacrifices I have made in order to be able to claim this throne. I want the book to be motivational and about all of the things I’ve been through."

Besides documenting her rise to the top of the reggaeton scene, and becoming the only woman who has managed to do so, Ivy opens up about body image and learning to be confident with her looks. "Obviously people see me as beautiful now, but when I started in music I looked like a little boy, and I hung out with all the other boys."

A woman who's been through as much as Ivy has will certainly have some interesting stories to tell, so we'll be pre-ordering our copy as soon as we can (as of now, no publication date has been set for the book). In the mean time, we'll just have a giggle thinking about Ivy and her yards-long nails trying to type on the computer.