Dayanara Torres Talks About Divorce From Marc Anthony in New Book

Photo: Juan Rico / Fame Pictures

Looks like things between Dayanara Torres and her ex-husband Marc Anthony are about to go from bad to worse. The New York Postreports and has confirmed that the former beauty queen and ex-Mrs. Anthony has written a book, called Married to Me: How Committing to Myself Led to Triumph After Divorce (available at Amazon), about her split from Marc—who left her for Jennifer Lopez--and how she eventually found happiness again (in the arms of hunky Amaury Nolasco, of course).

We're hoping Married to Me will be more tell-all than self-help bible, but we're skeptical about whether the normally publicity-shy Dayanara will spill any truly juicy details. Still, this one's going on our Amazon list, pronto.

Married to Me is available at