Book Review: The Shadow Catcher

The Shadow Catcher, the debut novel by Hipolito Acosta, chronicles the life of the author as a U.S. Government Agent, as he worked for 30 years, mostly undercover, infiltrating Mexico’s immigrant smuggling rings and drug cartels. 

Poli, as he likes to be called, rose in the ranks from Border Patrol Agent to a key position in the Department of Homeland Security. The book, while full of amazing vignettes and stories (like that of being targeted by criminals he locked up – just another day on the job), also speaks to the current immigration situation.

“Drug dealers and human smugglers are parasites in our country, but they are not representative of the millions of immigrants, legal and illegal, who have settled here,” Acosta states. An exciting read, this book gives an insider’s look into U.S. law-enforcement, and what many encounter while trying to reach the United States.

(The Shadow Catcher, $25,