5 Books By Dominican Authors

Determined to read more in 2015? The Caribbean nations have blessed us with a wealth of poetry, short stories, essays, and novels about the Latino experiences, and the Dominican Republic has birthed some of the greatest authors alive today. 

Expand your reading horizons, and pick up one of these books by Dominican authors: 

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1. Dominican Authors: Junot Diaz

Perhaps the best known Latino author alive, Junot Díaz won a Pulitzer Prize in 2008 for his debut novel, The Brief, Wondrous Life of Oscar WaoHowever, before he published Oscar Wao, he penned a magnificent work of short stories called Drown. The 10 stories focus upon issues of identity, love, family, sexuality and adulthood in neighborhoods in the Dominican Republic, New Jersey and New York. 

Drown by Junot Díaz, $10.05, Amazon

2. Dominican Authors: Julia Alvarez

Acclaimed author Julia Alvarez has written countless stories about her homeland, the Dominican Republic. In The Time of the Butterflies tells the story of four courageous sisters — the Mirabals — who make a pact to challenge the dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo. The novel blends fact and fiction, but somehow manages to relate the true perils of political dictatorship with terrifying clarity. 

In The Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez, $10.84, Amazon

3. Dominican Authors: Angie Cruz

Dominican-American novelist Angie Cruz captured the spirit of New York City — particularly Washington Heights — beautifully in her debut work, SoledadWhen the main character, Soledad, reluctantly returns to Washington Heights from her new home in the East Village, she's greeted by her mystical, superstitious, complex Dominican family. She soon finds that her home may be less banal and restricting than she remembered. 

Soledad by Angie Cruz, $14.49, Amazon

4. Dominican Authors: Loida Maritza Perez

Dominican-born, American-raised Loida Maritza Perez examines the immigrant experience in her novel, Geographies of Home. The story focuses upon Iliana, a first generation Dominican-American, who returns home from college to find her family in a state of disarray. Iliana — a woman caught between two cultures — must learn to embrace both her Domincan and her American identity. 

Geographies Of Home by Loida Maritza Perez, $14.83, Amazon


5. Dominican Authors: Nelly Rosario

Nelly Rosario's debut novel, Song of the Water Saints, follows three generations of Dominican women as they pursue their true destinies. Rosario blends their stories with her knowledge of Dominican history and culture for a novel which Junot Díaz praised as "an electrifying debut."

Song of the Water Saints by Nelly Rosario, $11.18, Amazon