Bella Thorne Talks About Her New Music, ‘Shake It Up!’ And More (EXCLUSIVE)

Bella Thorne is everywhere these days! A true definition of a triple threat, the 15-year-old actress/singer/dancer is taking the TV world by storm (in her hugely successful series, Shake It Up!), has a new film Buttermilk Sky in the works for 2013, and is currently in the midst of recording her debut album. Yep, she’s one busy chica. And, in between all of that, she’s still making time to work with Ring Pop to raise money for one of her favorite charities.

We recently caught up with the super-sweet starlet to get the scoop on her upcoming projects, her dream collaboration, and when we can expect to see her on tour! (Hint: it will be soon!) 

Why was this Ring Pop competition — where fans can choose their favorite celeb’s custom flavor and raise money for charity — something that you wanted to get involved in? 

First of all, I love Ring Pops. I always have. And I had learned about this competition that was going on where you would be able to vote for someone’s Ring Pop and the money goes to the charity of their choice, which for me is the Humane Society. For the record, my favorite Ring Pop is strawberry lemonade — and I am winning. But I’m just really proud of my fans, because I mean, come on, who doesn’t love animals?

So true! Why is the Humane Society a charity that is especially close to your heart?

Just because I love animals. You see, all the time, that there are animals in shelters that are going to get put down. Or animals that are looking for homes because they can’t take care of themselves. It’s really a sad thing, the way that certain people treat animals — and I think it needs to be taken care of.

So what’s going on with Shake It Up! this season?

The first few episodes that are airing right now, I personally think, are really story-driven and for me, character-driven. And it’s really good to show kids that it’s okay if your parents get divorced. And maybe they want to date. And maybe they will get married or something else and you’ll need to learn to like the person for who they are. I think it’s important for people to see that they’re not alone and a lot of kids go through that all the time

And you’re also in the midst of recording your new album! What can we expect from that?

Well, I’m recording a song every weekend. My music isn’t just all one kind of music. All of the songs are completely different. I have a dub-step song that’s on the album. And then I have a girly girl song that’s called “Ring Ring,” which will be on the second release of the album. I have rock songs. And I have “Get’cha Head In The Game,” which is more hip-hop. Every song is in a different genre.

Do you have a dream collaboration that you’d love to do in the future? A musical celebrity crush, if you will?

Austin Mahone. I think he’s such a talented singer. I know he’s new, but girls are already obsessed with him. It would be super cool to do a duet between us. 

That would be amazing! But for now, what can fans see you performing all your new songs? Any tour dates on the books? 

I have a few concert dates coming up that I will be able to release soon. [The tour] will be amazing. But it’s also very nerve-wracking. I do get very nervous before I go up on stage, but then I see all my fans out there and I know they’re going to support me. If I trip down that stage, they’re not going to go post about it – no, actually they might – but they’ll still love me! And I hope they always will. They make me feel a lot better before I go on stage.