Exclusive Outtakes from Becky G's February Cover Shoot!

Want more of Becky G, one of our February cover stars? Check out some of these exclusive quotes from Becky’s cover shoot and don't miss the rest of her interview (along with Jasmine V!) on newsstands January 7, 2014!

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1. Girl Group Roots

“I did a lot of little girl groups here and there just to get more comfortable on stage. When you're in girl groups it's a lot different because if you mess up there's someone on stage to back you up and finally I got to a point where I knew I could do it on my own.”

2. Starting Out As A Performer

“I think a part of it was the way my parents raised me. I think that's part of being raised in a big Latin family. To get an adult's attention you have to do something crazy, and my way was dancing on tables and singing and dancing. That was my way of getting everyone's attention. I’m loud and I like being loud.”

3. How She Writes Songs

“I just kept finding inspiration - I call it the Taylor Swift formula. As a songwriter, she is one of my idols because she takes life for what it is and puts it on paper – whether it's ‘hey boy, you did me wrong and I want the whole world to know it,’ or it's a song that tells a heartfelt story. I’m 16, I’m nosey, and I have a great imagination. So it's not necessarily things I have to go through, but it's things people I know or my family is going through and I hear about it and I think, that sounds like a great song.”

4. Burgeoning Brand

“I like being very involved in the business side of things because people say ‘Make sure you love what you do,’ but how can you love what you do if you don’t really know all of it? I want to know all of it. I am excited and happy about everything I have and what’s going to happen. I am staying really positive and making decisions myself.”

5. Becoming More Confident

“Growing up, [my tooth gap] was an insecurity of mine. How is any boy going to like me if I have a gap the size of Russia? But now I am so comfortable with myself and I've found confidence. I want to be like Madonna. Madonna has a gap!”

6. The Beasters

“The bond I have with them is insane. It's a mix of guys and girls. I have a lot of guy fans but I definitely have my girl fans. My Beasters are so diehard for me and make me want to better myself and be a better artist and to set a good example.”