This Comic Beautifully Illustrates The Life Of Frida Kahlo
This Comic Illustrated a Modern Interpretation of Frida Kahlo's Life
By Cristina Arreola | 09/22/2015 - 14:34

After suffering through a near-death experience as a teenager, comedy writer and cartoonist Sissy Biscuit found herself irrefuta

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9 Feminist Murals From Across Latin America
5 Feminist Murals From Across Latin America
By Latina Staff | 09/10/2015 - 16:46

Feminism is alive-and-well in Latin America, and the proof can be seen in the vibrant art that lines the streets (and walls) of cities throughout the region.

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5 Latino Summer Events In New York City
5 Latino Summer Events In New York City
By Cristina Arreola | 05/26/2015 - 16:42

In case the 80 degree weather and dazzling sunshine haven't tipped you off, summer has arrived.

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Take A Peek Inside Frida Kahlo's Closet
By Cristina Arreola | 05/08/2015 - 14:19

Following Frida Kahlo's death in 1954, her husband, Diego Rivera, placed her personal belongings i

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Frida Kahlo's Love Letters To Be Auctioned — And They Aren't Written To Diego Rivera!
Frida Kahlo's Love Letters To Be Displayed & Auctioned
By Cristina Arreola | 04/09/2015 - 11:26

Twenty-five letters written by Mexican painter Frida Khalo will be exhibited briefly in New York City before being auctioned on April 15.

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WATCH: Street Artist Paints Beautiful Landscapes in Seconds
WATCH: Street Artist Paints Beautiful Landscapes in Seconds
By Cristina Arreola | 01/08/2015 - 09:54

Prepare to have your mind blown. Chilean street artist Fabian Gaete Maureira boasts that he can compose a stunning landscape picture in less than three minutes — and he delivers on that promise. 

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Latino Artists Guessing Game
Guess These 10 Famous Latino Paintings!
By Cristina Arreola | 12/16/2014 - 15:58

Pop quiz! Don't worry — there's no grades here. We just want to test your knowledge of Latino art with a fun game.

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Sonia Sotomayor book My Beloved World
Sonia Sotomayor’s Memoir 'My Beloved World' Tops New York Times Bestseller List
By Sugey Palomares | 01/28/2013 - 16:00

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s new memoir, My Beloved World, has officially topped the New York Times best sellers list in the combined print and e-book non-fiction category. The Ivy League-educated former district attorney's publication is currently in second place on the list, following author Eben Alexander's, Proof of Heaven.

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Domingo Zapata
Introducing Artist Domingo Zapata
By Samantha Leal | 12/18/2012 - 11:48

Aside from being Sofia Vergara's longtime pal, Domingo Zapata is a contemporary artist who has received critical praise for his works. Splitting time between New York, Los Angeles and Paris, the 38-year-old artist primarily works in mixed media, and is a favorite of the celebrity set. We caught up with him to talk about his family, work and those pictures of Sofia Vergara covered in paint!

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Elderly Woman Ruins Fresco Painting in Spain
By Samantha Leal | 08/24/2012 - 10:07

We're not really sure what to say to this but ay dios mio. An elderly woman has come forward this week to claim responsibility for completely botching a century-old "ecce homo" fresco painting of Jesus in a northeastern village in Spain, reports The New York Times

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