John Leguizamo Returns to Broadway in "Ghetto Klown"

John Leguizamo is returning to Broadway after an almost decade-long absence with the autobiographical one-man show, Ghetto Klown (opening night), and the Colombian born funny man tells us he's thrilled to be back on the great white way.

"It's really exciting to come back especially because New Yorkers get all the Spanish jokes and cultural references," he says. "It's an intellectual crowd and—at the same time—a fun rowdy crowd."

Leguizamo says that Ghetto Klown contains a lot of his real-life personal experiences in it, "like the career ups and downs, and all the things that happen on the set, like the fights, the battles and everything in between."

He also says the show is about finding the light in the darkness. "That's Latino humor, which is based on real experiences as opposed to some high concept. We're much earthier and more emotional," he said. 

This will be Leguizamo's fifth Broadway show, and when we asked the hilarious comic why he thinks his shows are always big hits, he said, "Because I write so damn well, that's why!" {Laughs}. "Besides that, I love what I do and I work really hard. I spent at least five years preparing this one, and I think time equals quality." 

Here's to hoping Leguizamo is right! Ghetto Klown opens in New York tonight!