5 Feminist Murals From Across Latin America

Feminism is alive-and-well in Latin America, and the proof can be seen in the vibrant art that lines the streets (and walls) of cities throughout the region. Below, take a peek at few of the feminist murals that hope to spread empowerment throughout Latin America: 

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1. 2

This poignant mural was left in Mexico City by the Stop Telling Women To Smile campaign. 

2. 3

Members of Colectivo Nahault painted the faces of Nadia Vera, Kimberly Albores and Tatiana Trujilla on a wall in Tuxla, Mexico to draw attention to the country's femicide problem. 

3. 9

"Splash" — created by Fin DAC and Angelina Christina — adds a "splash" of female empowerment to the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

4. 5

This mural adds a pop of Latina sentiment to traditional feminist iconography. 

Photo: Instagram @JohannaBrana

5. 6

A simple-yet-powerful message brightens the streets of Santiago, Chile.

Photo: Instagram @juanxho