Elderly Woman Ruins Fresco Painting in Spain

We're not really sure what to say to this but ay dios mio. An elderly woman has come forward this week to claim responsibility for completely botching a century-old "ecce homo" fresco painting of Jesus in a northeastern village in Spain, reports The New York Times

The woman, Cecilia Gimenez, is in her 80s and told Spanish national television that she had tried to restore the painting, which apparently was her favorite representation of Jesus, because she was upset that it was deteriorating due to moisture on the church's walls. The church is Santuario de la Misericordia, a Roman Catholic church in Borja, near the city of Zaragoza.

Authorities had suspected vandalism, but were shocked to find that the treatment was from a good-intentioned elderly parishioner. But although Gimenez has come forward, she claims that she had worked in broad daylight and had approval from the clergy.

"The priest knew it," she told Spanish television. "I've never tried to do anything hidden." 

The fresco's new, well, makeover came to light when the granndaughter of Elias Garcia Martinez, the original artist, proposed upkeep for the painting. 

"She has destroyed this painting," she told Spanish television. 

Officials have contacted professional art restorers to see if anything can be done to repair the painting, accord to TODAY.

The painting's now monkey-like appearance has spawned a few parody blogs, where readers insert Ms. Gimenez's version of the painting into other artworks.

Legal action is being considered against Gimenez.  

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