Want to Own Diego Rivera’s “Girl in Blue And White” Piece? You Can For $6 Million

Mexican painter Diego Rivera was not only a master at capturing the line between the struggling lower class and privileged elite, but he also conquered themes such as revolution, feminism and world peace. Although his vivid murals inspired by Italian frescoes were his signature style, after the 1930’s he dedicated himself to portrait painting, taking on the same social motifs as his beginning works.

Arguably his most famous portrait, “Girl in Blue and White”, painted in 1939, is up on the selling block at Sotheby's Latin American art auction in New York. The bidding ranges between an estimated $4 and $6 million for the portrait, which nearly doubles his record of $3 million for a work, reports the AP. The piece showcases 10-year-old Juanita Rosas, an innocent girl looking away from the observer.

The auction also features other works by the famous painter, who received an art scholarship at the age of 10. These include “The Woman with Dalias” (up to $60,000) and “Two Otomie Water Carriers” (up to $200,000).

Latin American art has proven to be a hot commodity at these prestigious auctions. Christie’s is also currently hosting a Latin American sale, which starts today, featuring modern and contemporary works by artists like Fernando Botero and Joaquín Torres-García.

If money were no object, what piece would you love to own? Who is your favorite painter?