Are Kat Von D and Jesse James Still an Item?

LA Ink star Kat Von D and Jesse James haven’t been spotted together for weeks, so when reports surfaced that the two might have split, it was no surprise.

Just last August we saw photos of them kissing and holding hands while in Austin, and they showed up at events together as a couple. Kat even said she believes he’s the one.”

According to a article, the long distance relationship is taking a toll on Kat, and she not happy that Jesse moved to Austin, Texas. The website also reports that Kat was seen “acting pretty cozy and chummy” with her ex Nikki Sixx at a concert recently, and spent time with him again at the Jackass 3D premiere on Wednesday.

Was the PDA too much for Jesse? Did Kat fall for him too fast? We’re not relationship experts, but we do have a lot to say when it comes to the topic, and most will agree that with all things considered (Team Sandra!), it’s probably for the best that they go their separate ways.