EXCLUSIVE: Anjelah Johnson Talks TV Special, Her Last Name & Bon Qui Qui

With a last name like Johnson, I had no idea you were Latina. What was it like growing up?

I always wanted a more Hispanic name, you have no idea! I was a little wanna-be Chola growing up trying to be about the hood -- with Johnson as a last name. You know no one was scared of a girl named Anjelah Johnson!

So I was always trying to be super Latina and secretly wishing my last name was something like Sanchez. I'm Mexican-American and we have a huge family. The only thing missing was that Hispanic last name. My mom's maiden name is Castañeda, so for the longest I was trying to go by her last name but my family would get so offended!  I would tell my dad, "This is not about you dad, but Johnson ain't cutting it right now." I needed that street cred!

But today, I embrace the name Anjelah Johnson. So even when I married Manwell Reyes and I could finally get my Hispanic last name, it was too late!

You've had other comedy specials, why was it special to have one on NUVOtv?

This network represents me, so it's the perfect place for me to have a comedy special. I am Latina but I'm also American and this network is catering to audience like me. This isn't like Telemundo, it's its own thing. Yeah I'm a Latina, but try to talk to me all in Spanish and I may not understand everything. I love this network and I love what their doing. I'm honored to be a part of it, especially from the ground up.

And partnering up with Jennifer Lopez, I'm sure this means we're probably good friends now, but I'm not quite sure.

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