EXCLUSIVE: Anjelah Johnson Talks TV Special, Her Last Name & Bon Qui Qui

Bon Qui Qui has taken on a life of her own! Do you ever get tired of playing her?

Yes! I am so appreciative of the fans who have grabbed a hold of her and love her so much. But it's like when bands are asked to play their greatest hits; it's kind of like a love/hate relationship. You hate doing it over and over but at the same time it's the song that bought you your house. So you're grateful for it, but I'm more than this joke or that one song!  I have so many other things that I do, but people just love that character so much.

How was did you create the character of Bon Qui Qui?

Bon Qui Qui is a character that was inspired by two people, firstly my brother. He is ghetto fabulous, has no filter. and a total trendsetter! When he starts doing or saying things everybody starts doing it too. Even with something as simple as him answering the phone saying, hella, instead of hello. Before you know it, all our family and friends are answering the phone that way! This is exactly how Bon Qui Qui is.

The other [inspiration] was a girl I met at a drive-thru Burger King in Memphis a couple of years ago. She totally changed my life. So Bon Qui Qui is a little bit of her and a little bit of my brother.

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