What Amanda Bynes' Selfies Say About Young Women, Body Image, and Empowerment

Childhood star Amanda Bynes is clearly going through something serious. The 27-year-old actress, once considered one of the straight-laced and promising young stars in young Hollywood, is now making a full-time job out of taking revealing selfies, venting about her weight issues and bashing other women on Twitter.

Her behavior is bizarre enough, but what it says about how young women battle with self-acceptance and body image is even more disturbing. Since the video of Bynes sucking on Sour Patch kids went viral last month, plenty of media outlets have commented on the star’s downward spiral, including Complex, which published an article titled, “A Twitter History of Amanda Bynes’ Recent Breakdown.” In the piece, the publication pokes fun of her “crazy eyes” and compares her to Courtney Love.

After seeing the article, the “All That” actress fired back and tweeted on April 26th, “@ComplexMag you're ugly writers, I don't want to be in your lame ass magazine thanks! So stop writing about me! I just read an article saying I'm having a break down on twitter. I tweet like every person on the face of the earth. I'm not making empty threats on twitter. Everything I say will come true for me. I don't need your advice thanks!”