Adamari Lopez Responds to Luis Fonsi's Comments: "My Conscience is at Peace"

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Adamari Lopez is firing back at her ex-husband Luis Fonsi's comments about her tell-all book, Viviendo. The Puerto Rican singer broke his silence and revealed his thoughts about the telenovela star's allegations about their marriage in her new memoir.

He told the Puerto Rican newspaper El Nuevo Dia, “The story that is being told is very dramatic, incomplete, and not loyal to what actually happened…If I’m going to the press about this it’s only because I feel like this is a personal attack and I want to clear up the lies that are being said.”

In her memoir, the Puerto Rican actress shares private details about surviving cancer and divorce. During a recent exclusive interview, Adamari revealed that Luis confessed to no longer being attracted to her. The couple has been divorced for two years now.

Adamari took to the same publication to respond to Luis' reaction and said, "My conscience is at peace. My intention for the book was to express everything that was in my heart at the time," she also adds, "I wish that [he] would have read the book instead of going by false reports about what was mentioned. Maybe if that were the case, his reaction would be totally different."

We are glad she said her piece. What are your thoughts about Adamari's book?