The 7 Most Outrageous Latin American Beauty Pageants

From a pageant where you win for having the best booty to a beauty contest for inmates, we've rounded up the seven most outrageous pageants coming out of Latin America.

1. pageant slide 01 Reinado del Divi-divi

Miss Divi Divi

The dividivi tree is a plant that is very resistant to hot climates and grows in the direction in which the wind blows. This pageant celebrates a special kind of mujer -- the kind that can handle anything, but is also willing to adapt to certain situations.

2. pageant slide 02 Reinado de la Caña de Azucar y la Panela

Miss Panela and Sugar Cane

This beauty pageant is all about celebrating the sugar cane in the heart of Cali, Colombia. The contest tries to find the best-looking Colombiana with the most azucar. It takes place in January to commemorate the planting of the first sugar cane seeds. The Colombian beauty not only has to have azucar, but also must know how the product is actually produced and sold in the country. Talk about needing to have beauty and brains!  

3. pageant slide 03 Reinado Nacional del Joropo

Miss Joropo

A pageant that celebrates a dance known as the Joropo. Girls and guys from all over Colombia come together and join the massive dance tournament. The name may be what makes this pageant unique, but the joropo is actually a dance that looks a lot like the waltz. The girls not only have to show off their bodies in gowns and bikinis but they need to pass the ultimate test -- whether or not they can dance their way into the judges hearts.

4. pageant slide 04 Cholita Pacena

Miss Cholita

This Bolivian pageant doesn’t involve skimpy dresses and barely their bikinis; instead it involves dressing in traditional long skirts, embroidered shawls and bowler hats. The women dance to folklore music and answer questions posed by a jury. The contest is held every year in order to preserve the identity of the traditional La Paz “chola.”

5. pageant slide 05 Miss Bum Bum

Miss Bum Bum

Booty, booty and more booty! That is what the Miss Bum Bum Brazil is all about. The pageant looks to find the woman with the best derriere and lets the public vote which girl is worthy of being crowned Miss Bum Bum. 

6. pageant slide 06 Gatas do Paulistão

Gatas do Paulistão

Yet another pageant in Brazil that celebrates a woman’s body, except this woman has to be a crazy soccer fan. Las Gatas do Paulistão is a competition trying to find the best looking female soccer fan; The last winner, Amanda Sati, was crowned in May and she was a fan of the Sao Paulo soccer team, Guarani.


7. pageant slide 07 prison-beauty-contest

Prison Beauty Pageants

These Latinas live their life behind bars and that is something far from glamorous, but once a year that all changes. For the past several years, different countries in Latin America stage beauty pageants trying to find the most beautiful prisoner. Winners often receive cash prizes, but in some cases, the winning prize can be a ticket to early freedom. Some of the titles the prisioneras can win are Miss Penitentiary and Miss Prisoner.