The 42 Sexiest Photos of Mark Consuelos!

Tomorrow is Mark Consuelos' 42nd birthday and we at Latina would like to wish one of the hottest men we know a wonderful day! Since we’re still waiting on  our invitation to whatever the much loved Latin dad and husband has planned for the big day, we figured checking out some hunky pictures of the birthday boy might help cheer us up, and we were right! Here are 42 foxy photos in celebration of the big day – one for every year Consuelos has graced us with his devastating good looks. Enjoy, we know we have!

1. mark consuelos slide 01

Glorious Grin

Just one look at Consuelos' winning smile makes our knees immediately go weak. We imagine the long time soap star sporting a similar grin today as he celebrates. Now, if only that invitation would make its way into our mailbox already so we could witness its glory in person.

2. marc consuelos slide 02

Father-Son Bonding Time

Nothing is more adorable than a grown man spending time with kids, and we can’t get enough of DILF Consuelos hanging out with his little dude!

3. marc consuelos slide 03

Wedded Bliss

Oh how we would love to be Consuelos’ wife, Kelly Ripa, in this photo hanging onto the strong arms of our hottie hubby looking utterly blissful! Consuelos and Ripa met on the set of All My Children and eloped in Vegas in 1996.


4. marc consuelos slide 04

Gene Jackpot

Even close up each of Consuelos’ physical traits from his chocolate eyes to those kissable lips screams perfection! Though he was born in Spain he can thank the mix of his Mexican father and Italian mother for some of his most fetching features.


5. marc consuelos slide 05

Lucy & Desi

It’s refreshing to find a man who can be sweet, silly, and doesn’t take himself too seriously. It’s clear from this sexy shot of Consuelos hamming it up with his wife that he is one of those goofy guys. Ripa even playfully calls her husband “Desi” as in the lovable Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz!

6. marc consuelos slide 06

He’s a Hot Piece of Humble Pie

Despite his many adoring fans Consuelos manages to stay both humble and hot at the same time! We would be fawning all over the endearing actor as well.

7. marc consuelos slide 07

Emmy Nominated Knock-Out

Check out how delectably dapper Consuleos looks here dressed to the nines! The 42-year-old was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in 2002. He certainly looks like a winner here!

8. marc consuelos slide 08

Super Sexy Channeling Spivey

We’re taken by the bad boy image Consuelos is projecting in this fiery hot photo. We can almost see some semblance of Spivey, the dark and demented character Consuelos played on the second season of American Horror Story.

9. marc consuelos slide 09

Stripper Daze

Hubba, hubba! This half naked pic of Consuelos makes it that much easier to imagine the All My Children actor working it out as a male stripper in the days before his big break into television. What we wouldn’t give to have been privy to one of those performances!

10. marc consuelos slide 10

Consuelos is Paradise

The beach blown, sun-kissed look complements Consuelos’ exotic air and certainly tickles our fancy! This photo must have been snapped right after the actor returned from our dreams, dreams where we were enjoying his company in a tropical paradise.

11. marc consuelos slide 11

Spanish Tutorial

It’s the little things that truly make the difference, and we’re falling in love with his style touch in this little white scarf. Interested in a little fact about the celebrated actor? Despite being born in Spain, Consuelos doesn’t speak Spanish. We bet there’s at least one of you out there willing to step up and act as a tutor!

12. marc consuelos slide 12

Onscreen Sparks

We would love to be cozying up to her cutie Consuelos the way Ripa is in this photo. Check out how tangible their chemistry is! Or is that our own spark we’re picking up with the fine father of three through the screen? The couple must have some chemistry because in 1997 the duo won the Soap Opera Award for “Hottest Romance.”

13. marc consuelos slide 13

Master of Hot Hairdos

Consuelos sure departed from his usual thick, luscious locks when he tried out this short and shaven look. Buzz cut or full head of hair, the birthday boy still makes our heart go pitter patter!

14. marc consuelos slide 14

Lovely Host

Consuelos certainly cleans up nicely! In fact, he looks handsome enough to host his own show which is something he took a swing at in 2007 when he hosted NBC’s Age of Love and Science of Love. It sounds like he had love on the brain. Interestingly enough that’s the same thing we have on our brains every time we see Consuelos!

15. marc consuelos slide 15

Latinos Love Him!

The lovable Consuelos, who twice won the American Latino Media Arts Award for Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Soap Opera in 1998 and 1999, looks happily relaxed and laid back. That’s good for him and all, but the sight of him here makes our knees turn to putty!

16. marc consuelos slide 16

Call Us Maybe?

Even performing everyday tasks like making phone calls is hot when Consuelos is completing them. Do you think he’s calling to invite us to his birthday?      

17. marc consuelos slide 17

He’s a Man’s Man

Check out this stone cold fox! Consuelos seems to play the part of the alpha male here taking charge and making sure his wife feels secure. Who doesn’t love a man who takes care of those around him?

18. marc consuelos slide 18

Officer Handsome

In 2001 Consuelos guest starred in an episode of the popular television show Friends as a police officer who pulls one of the characters, Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), over for speeding. To try and evade the ticket Rachel flirts with our birthday boy calling him "Officer Handsome" despite his identification reading “Hanson.” We think Rachel’s mistake was more accurate; we’d love to get pulled over by an officer as handsome as Consuelos!

19. marc consuelos slide 19

Kiss the Cook

Consuelos can cook? This picture of him stirring up something delightfully delicious in the kitchen completely settles any questions in our mind about the man. He is the perfect catch (like we ever had any doubts!).

20. marc consuelos slide 20

Drama King

The muy caliente Consuelos won an ALMA Award for Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama for his work on All My Children.

21. marc consuelos slide 21

In Need of a Warm-Up?

Consuelos looks a little chilly here in his soccer get-up. If he ever needs some help warming up he needn't look any further than us; we’ll cuddle up with him by a roaring fire any time of the year!

22. marc consuelos slide 22

Dangling the Bait

We know what you’re thinking: enough with the images of Consuelos looking oh so sexy with a woman who is not us (even if that woman is his wife). We can’t help it if we want him all to ourselves!

23. marc consuelos slide 23

No Touch-Ups Needed

Here it looks like Consuelos is getting all dolled up for the camera. To be honest, we don’t think he needs a single touch up. He’s absolute perfection just the way he is!

24. marc consuelos slide 24

He’s en Fuego

As a result of his March 30th birth date Consuelos is an Aries which makes him a fire sign. He’s supposedly a fiery, determined, and loyal born leader. That certainly sounds hot enough to start a fire in our hearts for this hottie!

25. marc consuelos slide 25

Heartbreakingly Hot

He might be a one woman man, but Consuelos comes across here like a regular Don Juan with the ability to break hearts with one flash of his wide smile.

26. marc consuelos slide 26

We Have an Appetite for Athletes

As a self proclaimed soccer guy there’s nothing like seeing Consuelos decked out in his soccer uniform and ready to use those sinewy muscles to break a sweat to get our blood pumping!

27. marc consuelos slide 27

Dutiful Diabetes Informant

Consuelos is more than just a pretty face. With a father who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and an understanding that as a Hispanic he is more likely to develop the condition, Consuelos acts as an advocate and spokesperson for the problem stressing the importance of living a healthy lifestyle to those around him.

28. marc consuelos slide 28

Casual Cutie

Consuelos doesn’t have to be decked out in the most luxurious suits to look fine. Even in this more casual get-up this looker appears oh so sexy!

29. marc consuelos slide 29

A Thinker

This beautiful Latin man bears some resemblance to Rodin’s perfectly constructed statue The Thinker. Before catching his big break on All My Children, Consuelos started as a student at Notre Dame before finishing up his college career at University of South Florida graduating with a degree in marketing.

30. marc consuelos slide 30

Mr. Muscles

We notice the way Consuelos’ t-shirt stretches over his muscular chest. Think he’d mind stopping by in a similar outfit to fix our leaky faucet, because we could stare at this body all day!

31. marc consuelos slide 31

Lost on a Sea of Love

Be still our hearts! Taking a look at this dreamboat makes us want to get lost at sea and crash land on some private island if it would mean some quality alone time with one of our favorite Latinos!

32. marc consuelos slide 32

Family Man

Consuelos might be the object of our affection, but he’s also a loyal family man, which we can’t deny is sweetly sexy. He and wife Ripa have three children together: Michael (15), Lola (11), and Joaquin (10). Don’t they make an adorable family?

33. marc consuelos slide 33

Humanity Helper

This actor’s sexy exterior is only matched by his even kinder heart. Here is Consuelos after being honored several years ago at the Aid for AIDS International “My Hero Gala.”

34. marc consuelos slide 34

Hero at Home

As hot as he is, we wouldn’t be surprised if Consuelos sat around eating bonbons all day long, but that’s not the case in his home. The father of three enjoys the little things like spending time with his children doing every day activities like taking them to school.

35. marc consuelos slide 35

He Makes Us Melt

We can’t help it; one look into Consuelos’ deliciously dark, soulful eyes makes us melt!

36. marc consuelos slide 36

Production Partners

This ideal duo doesn’t just live together, they work with one another too. Together Consuelos and Ripa own the production company Milojo Productions (made from the first two letters in each of their children’s names). They got their start with documentaries like The Streak for ESPN and the docu-series Masters of Reception, but they’ve since expanded into scripted television and short films.

37. marc consuelos slide 37

Headed for a Senate Seat?

Here Consuelos looks the part of an intellectual, suave senator, and it’s a good thing too! This fall the actor is expected to return to television as Andy Guzman, a charming senator residing in Washington D.C. with a few other politicos in Alpha House.

38. marc consuelos slide 38

Super Mark!

“We’re superpartners in crime, my wife and I,” stated Consuelos about Ripa according to an issue of Elle magazine. How cute! We can’t help complaining at this point that we don’t have a Consuelos of our very own.

39. marc consuelos slide 39

Mad for This Man

If this photo is any indication, Consuelos definitely has the right look to play the notorious dapper, clean shaven, womanizing Don Draper that Jon Hamm portrays on the popular AMC show Mad Men. If they ever need a last minute replacement we think we know the perfect man to fill those shoes!

40. marc consuelos slide 40

Replacing Ripa     

Feeling a little frisky with Photoshop by now? We are too! It’s time to put our skills to the test to see if we can cut Ripa out of this picture and replace it with our own image. Sorry, Kelly!

41. mark consuelos slide 41

"Happy Birthday Mr. Consuelos..."

We are currently working on our own sexy rendition of Happy Birthday for this hardworking piece of man candy ala Marilyn Monroe. Now if only that darn party invite would get here already!

42. mark consuelos slide 42

To 42 More Sexy Years!

Whether you’re celebrating on a soccer field, on the job, or at home with your family, we wish you a very happy 42nd birthday today! May you have many more happy birthdays to come!