The 10 Sexiest Uruguayans in Hollywood

It may be the second-smallest country in South America in terms of area and have a total population that’s roughly the same size as Chicago, but that doesn’t mean that Uruguay has any shortage of captivatingly beautiful people. Here’s a look at the 10 sexiest Uruguayans in Hollywood.

1. sexy 01_Gabe Saporta

Gabe Saporta, 33

It’s no surprise Eve called on Gabe Saporta to lend his voice to her latest single “Make It Out This Town,” the Uruguayan singer and Cobra Starship front man is like the Latino-version of Maroon 5’s Adam Levine. He’s one fine specimen who just oozes sexiness, making the ladies all take notice. It’s no wonder he makes the “Good Girls Go Bad," like he sings on the Leighton Meester-assisted track.

2. sexy 02_Natalia Oreiro

Natalia Oreiro, 35

She may be known as the “queen of telenovelas,” a title she was given by Argentina’s La Nación newspaper. But Natalia Oreiro could be called the “queen of hearts.” That’s because the gorgeous Uruguayan actress/singer/model has been stealing them since the 1990s. Oreiro, the first Uruguayan artist ever to be nominated for a  Latin Grammy, has even been featured in Esquire magazine’s  popular “The Sexiest Woman Alive Atlas,” which shines a spotlight on the hottest women in each country of the world.

3. sexy 03_Marcelo Buquet

Marcelo Buquet, 49 

Since being named the Foreign-born Model of the Year by Contempo Agency, Marcelo Buquet has been making the ladies swoon like nobody’s business. The handsome Uruguayan former-model-turned-telenovela-star will celebrate his 50th birthday this year, but he’s still causing quite a commotion with his leading man looks on telenovelas like Doña Bella, Entre el Amor y el Deseo and Corazón apasionado.

4. sexy 04_Eunice Castro

Eunice Castro, 37

Earlier this year, Eunice Castro played the object of Coco Echagüe’s affection in the music video for his single “Seguiré.” From the get-go, it’s easy to see why he’s obsessed with Uruguayan model, dancer and television host. Even when she’s crying, Castro has an incredible sex appeal.

5. sexy 05_Bárbara Mori

Bárbara Mori, 35

Bárbara Mori first became the object of men’s desires in 2004, when she starred in TV Azteca’s telenovela Azul Tequila in 1998. But the sexy Uruguayan actress’s career reached red-hot proportions when she portrayed the title character in Televisa’s telenovela Rubí in 2004.  And the woman who was discovered while working as a waitress in Mexico City at the age of 14 hasn’t lost any of her appeal.

6. sexy 06_Jorge Drexler

Jorge Drexler, 48

Jorge Drexler – the first-ever Uruguayan to win an Academy Award, which he won for Best Original Song in 2004 for “Al Otro Lado del Río" from the Gael García Bernal-starrer The Motorcycle Diaries – has the of inviting eyes and come-hither smile that’ll make your heart skip a beat. Now if only the singer-songwriter, who also happens to be an ear, nose and throat doctor, was a heart specialist instead. We’d feel a little safer experiencing those heavy palpitations.

7. sexy 07_Fede Alvarez

Fede Alvarez, 35

Fede Alvarez isn’t a household name… yet. But the Uruguayan filmmaker with the movie star good looks will be soon. Alvarez co-wrote and directed his first feature film Evil Dead. The film – a remake of the 1981 cult classic The Evil Dead that will be released on April 5 – has been called by one critic as a "terrifying, exhilarating and relentlessly entertaining new chapter in the Evil Dead story."

8. sexy 08_Gabe Saporta

Jonathan Del Arco, 47

Well, hello there! If you’ve watched TNT’s The Closer or its spin-off series Major Crimes, then you’ve definitely seen Jonathan Del Arco, who originated the role of medical examiner Dr. Morales on The Closer and continued the role on the spin-off. Even in scrubs, Del Arco catches your eye with his chiseled face and muscled arms. Whew!

9. sexy 09_Elli Medeiros

Elli Medeiros, 57

Elli Medeiros must have discovered the legendary Fountain of Youth., because the Uruguayan singer/actress doesn’t look 57 at all. Medeiros, who shot to fame in France in the 1980s as a solo singer with hit songs like “Toi Mon Toit” and “A Bailar Calypso,“ still has that youthful glow that made her a star all those years ago!

10. sexy 10_Diego Forlán

Diego Forlán, 33

Not only can Diego Forlán bend it like Beckham; the Uruguayan soccer star can also make the ladies melt like butter with his toned physique and sexy smile. It’s no wonder Forlán, who won the Golden Ball award for being the best player at the 2010 World Cup, is a striker with those striking good looks!