10 Hot Latino Baseball Stars

It's opening day for Major League Baseball! Here in NYC, that means Yankees fans and Mets fans can start arguing again about who the better team is (as if there is really a competition) but for us chicas, it means cute guys in tight pants. Yay!

Here are our picks for the ten hottest Latino ballers. And no, A-Rod did not make the list because that would have just been too easy and we wouldn't want to make Cameron Diaz mad. You see how she kicks butt in her movies, right?

1. Jonathan Sanchez: San Francisco Giants

Name: Jonathan Sanchez

Nationality: Puerto Rican

Team: San Francisco Giants (2011 World Champions!)

Position: Pitcher

2. Angel Pagan - Puerto Rican NY Mets

Name: Angel Pagan

Nationality: Puerto Rican

Team: NY Mets

Position: Center Field

3. Joakim Soria Kansas City Royals Mexico

Name: Joakim Soria

Nationality: Mexican

Team: Kansas City Royals

Position: Closer

4. Freddie Sanchez-Mexicano, San Francisco Giants

Name: Freddy Sanchez

Nationality: Mexicano

Team: San Francisco Giants

Position: Second Base

5. Albert Pujols - Dominican Republic St. Louis Cardinals

Name: Albert Pujols

Nationality: Dominican

Team: St Louis Cardinals

Position: First Base

6. Robinson Cano - NY Yankees Dominican

Name: Robinson Cano

Nationality:  Dominican

Team: NY Yankees

Position: Second Base

7. Evan Longoria- Tampa Bay Rays- Mexican American

Name: Evan Longoria

Nationality: Mexican

Team: Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Position: Third Base

8. Jaime Garcia St. - Louis Cardinals - Mexico

Name: Jaime Garcia

Nationality: Mexican

Team: St. Louis Cardinals

Position: Pitcher

9. Javier Vazquez - Florida Marlins - PR

Name: Javier Vasquez

Nationality: Puerto Rican

Team: Florida Marlins

Position: Pitcher

10. Carlos Marmol Chicago Cubs

Name: Carlos Marmol

Nationality: Dominican

Team: Chicago Cubs

Position: Relief Pitcher

11. REALTED: Hot guys