Classic 'Dolores Dice': 10 Pieces of Advice Dolores Prida Gave Her Readers

We're deeply saddened by Dolores Prida's passing, but her wisdom lives on. As the wise and amazing advice columnist for "Dolores Dice," you came to her with marriage troubles, financial woes, sex advice and everything in between -- and she answered! Take a look at some of her best pieces of advice.

1. Dolores Dice 2

Debt Relief

When one woman was concerned about the future of her relationship and her finances, Dolores told it just like it is: "Save your breath and your money and take control of your budget for when the right guy comes around. You should know where a relationship is headed without having to ask."

2. Dolores Dice: 1

Sister to Sister

When a sorority sister of Lambda Theta Nu wrote about how sad she was hearing all the bad stereotypes of sororities and fraternities, Dolores didn't hesitate to impart her wisdom when it came to good deeds: "I wouldn’t worry about it too much. You should continue doing your good deeds regardless of who knows about it or whether you get credit. The recipients of your generosity and concern know. You know. And God knows."

3. Dolores Dice 3

Rock the Cradle of Love

A 17-year-old girl wrote in about her relationship with a 35-year-old man, and Dolores set her straight: "I get many letters from teenagers who get into exclusive relationships too early and then, several years and children later, feel that life has passed them by. Don’t let this happen to you, Tonta—I mean it. You’ll never be 17 again. Enjoy your age, study hard and prepare well to be a phenomenal, self-confident mujer in the future."

4. Dolores Dice 4

Quinceanera From Hell

Keeping traditions is hard, especially when life throws obstacles in the way, as it did for one reader. But Dolores wasn't swayed: "Traditions should change according to the times. So I say, enjoy your fiesta and you and your daughter do the first dance together—it’s your party and you do as you want to."

5. Dolores Dice 5

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Faced with the age-old question, one reader asked why there was so much hate between different groups -- even different Latinos! Dolores put it eloquently and stated, "We don’t have to love or even like everybody—just respect them. And in the case of new immigrants, all we have to do is remember how we, or our parents or grandparents, were treated when we first came here."

6. Dolores Dice 6

Illegal Alien vs. Born in the USA

Dolores always advocated for compassion and understanding, even when readers were torn on immigration. "For the moment, to deal with the wave of hidden bigotry pouring out of so many Americans, we need to show some compassion and solidarity with our hard-working hermanos indocumentados."

7. Dolores Dice 7

The Virgin Diaries

Dolores got blunt and personal when addressing a virgin who was afraid she might never find "the one." "M’ija, anything is possible. I’m sure there are still some men out there— somewhere over the rainbow, or just crossing the border at this very moment—who still want to marry a virgin."

8. Dolores Dice 8

Habla Español

After expressing discomfort in being addressed in Spanish by a coworker, Dolores told it like it is to one reader. "One way or another, I think you should explore your feelings of discomfort about being addressed in Spanish."

9. Dolores Dice 9

Invisible Boyfriend 

Sometimes, you just need the cold, hard truth. Dolores didn't sugarcoat it when she told a reader whose boyfriend was never around, "What you don’t have is a boyfriend." Sometimes, the truth hurts!

10. Dolores Dice 10

Sins of the Flesh

Slimming down is no easy feat -- and Dolores was one to congratulate and empower women, even when their novios didn't do the same. "Whatever the reasons, if he doesn’t appreciate your new body, move on. The fact that you got in shape for yourself, and not to please someone else, is a wonderful thing."