Does Being Raised Bilingual Increase Your Child's Chance of Stuttering?

Are you all for teaching your child both English and Español? While there are many obvious benefits to speaking more than one language, parents should take note: recent findings show that children who are bilingual before the age of five are more likely to stutter than those who only speak one language before this age. Not only that, but bilingual tots also have a harder time correcting their speech down the line.

The study, published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood, explains how children who learned both languages before starting school had a 25% chance of losing their impediment while those who spoke only one language had a 55% chance of recovering. Although researchers say school performance was not affected, they suggest holding off on teaching your child a second language to reduce their risk.

According to The Stuttering Foundation at least half a million bilingual people in the United States stutter. Take note if your child mixes vocabulary from both languages (so no Spanglish with the little one), has difficulties finding the right words to express herself or has a harder time than other kids her age in creating grammatically complex sentences.

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